Is it possible to pass parameters to the called sql script from sqlplus script?...

Posted on 2008-10-14
Last Modified: 2013-12-07
  I can't find anywhere the answer so I hope you will help...
I run  in sqlplus  query with cursor. I need to pass each row from the cursor as parameter to the called script....Is it actually possible?
   CURSOR c_schema IS
    select dschema from x.process_control where process_name = '....' order by schema;
      v_schema    process_control.db_schema%TYPE;
   OPEN c_schema;
      FETCH c_schema INTO v_schema;
       If v_schema <> '' then
       @connecting_schema v_schema;   ????????????   
     EXIT WHEN c_schema%NOTFOUND;
    CLOSE c_schema;

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Question by:Neilami
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Expert Comment

ID: 22711473
there are two standard ways to do this.

first,  open your cursor and pass it is as a reference cursor to your procedure which would then do the fetching and processing of each row itself.

that would look like this...

      v_cur  SYS_REFCURSOR;
      OPEN v_cur FOR SELECT ..... <your query here>;


second,  simply fetch the values and pass them into your procedure.  I recommend using the FOR cursor loop instead of while/end.   That would look like this...

     for x in (select co1, col2, col3...  <your query here>) loop
     end loop;
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Expert Comment

ID: 22711773

Also, unless the "@connecting_schema v_schema;   ????????????  " is a valid set of PL/SQL statements, an SQL*Plus command would not recognized by PL/SQL. You would need to convert it to a stored procedure and use sdstuber's recommendation.


Author Comment

ID: 22714884
so, somehow, still not clear answer....if i don't want to create any procedure , is it impossible? If yes, how exactly...?
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Accepted Solution

sdstuber earned 250 total points
ID: 22714916
no, it is not possible to use pl/sql to call sqlplus scripts.

you could instead,  use shell scripting to iterate through values and call sqlplus with those parameters.  
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Expert Comment

ID: 22714930
or, take the code out of your scripts and embed it within the anonymous pl/sql block.

Author Comment

ID: 22715033
yeah, the parameter was suppose to be the name of the schema, under which would the sql connect to database and run other file...and here we come to my question that nobody answer :)....again...

but anyways thx sdstuber
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Expert Comment

ID: 22715214
sorry, "it's not possible" is the answer.

pl/sql is simply not the tool for doing what you're asking.

if you used a procedure instead of scripts it could work,  or if you use shell scripting it will work, or if you use external procedures or java stored procedures to invoke sqlplus it would work.  But given what the constraints you requested, it's not possible.

Author Comment

ID: 22715407
sorry, with that not answered question i meant the other question that i posted the link to....I already accept your "no,impossible" first time ;)....btw congratulation to marriage....Alles gute!
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Expert Comment

ID: 22717469
thank you!
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Expert Comment

ID: 22724259

-- OR --

You could try something like this:

-- ---------------------------------------------------------------------
-- Execute on all schema
set pages 0 feed off ver off term off
spo /tmp/schema_exec.sql
Select "@connecting_schema "||Dschema
 From X.Process_Control
Where Process_Name = '....'
Order By Schema;
spo off

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