The printer has not yet responded, but the Microsoft Office program may be able to proceed without printer information. Do you want to wait for the printer? yes/no"

In the last two weeks all 32 computers on the network have come up with this error "The printer has not yet responded, but the Microsoft Office program may be able to proceed without printer information. Do you want to wait for the printer? yes/no" The Workstations are running XP PRO service pack 3 and office updates are in place.
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landgreenAuthor Commented:
After some deep searching I found two things. 1 The workstations where trying to update the print drivers everytime Office sent a print request, so I stopped allowing the one workstation to write to the printers to see if that worked it did for that workstatation, but not for long. 2nd, I also noticed that one of the network connections on the SBServer was enabled but not connected. I disabled the the connection and it went away. Figure that one out. It has been two days and no problems.
You are getting this message because MS office application is not able to locate the default printer.

Make sure the latest printer drivers are installed on the computers even if it is a network printer.
Also make sure that the desired network printer is selected as a default printer on each machine.
  Control panel -> Printers and faxes -> Right click the printer and select "set as Default printer"
landgreenAuthor Commented:
The latest drivers have been installed and we can print with any other app without problem. MS Office, manly word is the only thing having a problem. It also seems to only affect the HP 4250.nt printers
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Search for for 2003 or Normal.dotm for 2007. Usually C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates. Then rename it to Normal.old and reopen Outlook.
Also, you can try to delete the printer and the printer port and then reconnect the printer. This sometimes fixes the issue.
landgreenAuthor Commented:
Did all the above and no joy. It will work for about half a day then it starts poping up. Most of the time it will correct itself before I get there. I have noticed in the event logs that the reminder service in outlook fails to start and also Ms fax fails. We don't use any of those services but might be a clue
Hi there;

Way 1:

Outlook could be a clue:

She is attempting to open a .doc file by double clicking on it. The file is
located on a networked drive.

After you clicks "yes" to continue, you  don't have any problems printing to default

What about the margins, any incorrect value?
to reboot, open again, then the problem is no longer there. She says it does
not deprive her of completing duties, but it is rather, an annoyance.

Way 2:

Check the size of (C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates) - it is usually 29kb, if it is vastly different from this, replace it with a good copy.

Way 3:

Open Windows Explorer
2. Go to Tools> Folder options...
3. Click the "File Types" tab
4. Highlight the entry for ".doc" files (you can type "d" on your keyboard to navigate a bit more quickly)
when highlighting the .doc extension andclick on restore (Go into Advanced and select Open and then default)

Way 4:

We have a duplex printer (prints both sides). When this is enabled in Printing Preferences, clicking OK gives a lengthy hourglass.

When in Word, clicking on FILE | Print takes forever to think about it then pops our message.

Since your HP is duplex, If then delete the printer and re-add it with duplexing disabled by default maybe the error can gone...

Way 5:
First uninstall the driver then reinstall the printer driver on PC
* Printers and Faxes > Add Printer
* Select Local Printer, but untick 'Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer', click Next
* Select Create a new port and select 'Standard TCP/IP Port', click Next and Next
* Enter the IP address of your printer, click Next, click Finish
* Click 'Have Disk', navigate to where you installed the printer driver and select the INF file, click Open, click OK...
* If you're prompted to overwrite the existing driver, do so...
* The rest of the prompts may differ from printer to printer but should be self-explanatory; the printer then installs ...

Best regards...
landgreenAuthor Commented:
I have done all of the above and it was still comming up. I replaced the switch and that seems to have fixed it for now.
you must be kidding...:)
May Landgreen tell more clearly?

Thank you very much
We experienced the same problem on workstations once we added a backend scanning for our copiers to the print server.

When our daily mail was scanned and processed, many of our Word users received the message, once the scanning finished, the problem went away.  It wasn't every user every time, as some got their print jobs processed in between the scanner processing.  Watching the CPU usage in Task manager gave simple affirmation to our experience.

Our solution was to not offload additional and background services on the print server and the problem has not recurred.
Sorry, my last sentence should read:

Our solution was to offload additional processes and background services from the print server and the problem has not recurred.
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