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Pages/Sec on the server is always 100%

We have windows 2003 server which runs customised application developed on .NET for image conversion of scanned files using citrix as frontend we access these images on this server, we are having issues of often users get delayed response the screen freezes for some time. The System memory utilisation is less around 10% only, the CPU% utilization is around 60% Max, the disk utilization is almost 90% in avearge but the pages/sec on perfmon is always 100%.

Kindly help me out.
1 Solution
Pages/sec is not measured in percent..   It's just a counter.

However, your disk utilization is concerning.  What type of disk is it?  SATA?  SAS?  FC?  Is it a single disk?  HW RAID?  SW RAID?  What RAID level?
1.More or less Pages/Sec detects the Pages/sec swap rate. The pages/sec rate is the combined speed at which the pages are read from or written to the disk when resolving hardware page faults. Page fault occurs when a process has to access code on a physical disk because it cannot be accessed in the memory.

2.the periods of high pages per second are likely related to your access of an application that was started but has not been accessed for a period of time.  So, its pages have been transferred to disk and, now that you are accessing them, are being brought back into memory.

3.For active applications, pages that have not be referenced for a while may be written to disk and deleted from memory.  As they are accessed, you receive a page fault and they are brought back into memory.  So, you see a somewhat consistent page rate.

4.For inactive applications, many of their pages may have been moved to disk.  When you access them, pages per second peaks.
This is normal operation.  

5.But, if your system becomes sluggish and pages per second is consistenly high, you are thrashing.  Pages that you have used recently are being moved to disk and then recalled when you need them again.  

6.When you are thrashing, you need more memory.  A faster or less busy disk can help, too.  But, memory is the answer.  Well, that or better applications...
NeelSeshanAuthor Commented:
The Disk is an SATA HW RAID configured on an IBM x3850 server.

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SATA is your problem.  Scrap it.  It doesn't have NEARLY the IOPS capacity of SAS or FC, plus it cannot support simultaneous read/write..
I have a Intel Xeon 2 Quad Core with 16GB RAM 2 Mirror SAS Drive (Win2K3 Entp 32bit) 3 SAS RAID 5 for Data. The Physical Memory show 11GB available out of 16GB.

In Performance Monitor The Page Fault Per / Sec is constantly at 100 if you look at the report counters they read between 5000 to 20000 ... which is ridiculous.

see attach screen shot page faults in white
No one is going to answer you.  You need to open a new question, this is not a forum-style arena.
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