CSS how to remove transperant background

I have a pop box that has a transparent background (I think it inherits the css from the parent div's) due to which the background becomes confusing.

How should I avoid a Tranasparent background for only the pop-box anything that I add to the div to make it non transparent ?
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RapturerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi micro_learner,

It might be much easier for you to use an in-line style. CSS applies styling in a very specific order of precedence.

You can override other ancestors by using inline styling:

<div id="popup" style="background-color:white; background-image:url();" >

This should work for you.


assuming the popup div had id="popup", then you just need to specify a background specifically for that div:
micro_learnerAuthor Commented:
Thank you, but even when I add an image as the background, the image itself is being transparent ..odd but true.I can see the background through it
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David S.Commented:
It sounds like you changed the opacity an an ancestor element.
micro_learnerAuthor Commented:
>>It sounds like you changed the opacity an an ancestor element.

How do I solve it ? is there a way I can do something in the child ?
micro_learnerAuthor Commented:
Please help me out guys
David S.Commented:
It's difficult to help without seeing your code.

You would remove the opacity declarations from the ancestor. Opacity is inherited and there is nothing you can do to override it on descendants.
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