PHP Mailer Error

I wrote this snippit a out a year ago, and it worked fine.

Revisited this and now it doesn't work. I am getting the following error in my log:

[2008/07/09 02:43:29] [] Ed Sendmail problem. Language string failed to load:

Any insight?
 logToFile("drayer.log",$username." forgot password. Sent to: ".$user_email);
 $mail = new PHPMailer();
 $mail->smtpport = '25';
 $mail->From = "";
 $mail->FromName = "Information";
 $mail->WordWrap = 50;
 $mail->Subject = "Drayer Physical Therapy Conference password";
 $mail->Body = "Your password is '".$pw."'.\nPlease contact if you are still having issues.";
  logToFile("drayer.log",$username." Sendmail problem. " . $mail->ErrorInfo);
  echo "Message not sent!";

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codezpConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try same with port 587? does it work?

once you fix smtp your form should work fine.
Do you have SMTP server installed? to use mail() you need smtp server.

Make sure exists otherwise it will reject it.
Neil2526Author Commented: was not working, so i changed it to my valid email address.

i am still getting that error.

you have smtp server setup?

try doing telnet smtp.server  25

see if that connects
Neil2526Author Commented:
doesn't look like it's connecting:

[root@localhost drayer]# telnet smtp.drayerconference 25
smtp.drayerconference/25: Temporary failure in name resolution

This is odd, I mail was workingfine last year.
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