Mail subdomain?

I am looking at finally switching over to direct delivery from pop3 connector, but I have a couple of more questions.  Will I need a mail subdomain ( for the mx record or can I just point it at our name?  Also, will I need to do anything to the users mailboxes?  Right now the pop connector just dumps the mail into the exchange mailbox.  Thanks.
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sonickmcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A record will point to external IP Address
MX will point to

If your ISP hosts DNS that will be what you submit to them.
I believe you need the subdomain for mx registration with companies like network solutions etc but you can also register in your MX.  Email will be able to be delivered to either address.
MX record is used by other people/company who need to send you emails. As long as your firewall understand where to forward the smtp traffic to, you can put any public IP that will be routed to you (in other words, you don't have to have another subdomain just for this purpose).
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you can use for mx record but its recommended to use in case the web server and mail server are separate. On server itself you can have both so they will continue to dump into exchange
s2weleeAuthor Commented:
Ok, so how do I associate that subdomain with my public IP?  Sorry for the basic questions, but this is my first transition.
Do you manage your DNS server?  You will need an A record and MX record for the subdomain pointing to your public IP address, as wells as for your domain but you probably already have that.

This will need to be done on your external DNS server.  You should also do the same for your internal if not already done.
s2weleeAuthor Commented:
No, we just use our ISP for DNS.  I assume I would get my host to create an A record pointing to my public IP address for and then set the MX to point to that A record.  Is that correct?
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