How to get the Caller ID by VBA?

How to use the PC connect telephone, when peple call then show the Caller ID on the PC (Access Form)?
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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Can you explain what this is:
  "PC connect telephone"

...or rephrase your question.


RodgerSystems AnalystCommented:
I think what you want is to have Caller ID in your access database?  I actually did this.  I have not used it in years.  Make sure your modem has Caller ID.

I borrowed most of the code and then modified it for what I was tring to do.  This of course was before I had dialup.  LOL.  I had it setup to page me when someone called the house.  (No clue why I did this, I think I just wanted something to do)  At the time I had distinctive ring on my phone so I would make sure it was the correct number ad then send out a page.  I marked the code where you need to change it for your phone number.  

Let me know how it goes.  Maybe I'll set it back up.

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UncochenAuthor Commented:
Hi RodgerDjr, This file you send to me, had miss some kind of .ocx files. it is not working.

My idea is when the customer call my phone, then the system will search the database, if the database have this Caller ID then display the details, like "Name", "Address".........if no this Caller ID record then the system allow to add in to the database.

The hard thing for me is how the get the Caller ID(Telepone number) from the phone, and I not sure how to connect the telepone to Computer, is it connect to the modem ?
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RodgerSystems AnalystCommented:
Oh that is right you need that OCX file.  IS it giving an error that you do not have the comm32.ocx installed?  Also does the PC have a modem if not you will need one and you will want to make sure that it has caller ID, I am pretty sure most of the new ones do.  

The concept you want to do will work and it is a great idea this way when the customer calls it will pull up their record.  

What kinda of modem do you have?
UncochenAuthor Commented:
Just a normal modem, PCI socket, so is it connect the phone line to the modem right? and try to read  caller ID from the modem by some kind of port right? do you have any reference about this? thank you!
RodgerSystems AnalystCommented:
The main form will display the data when the phone rings and you will see the info there.  But you have to make sure that the modem will read the caller ID info sent from the phone comapny.  Go into the setting for your modem and query the modem see if it list anything about caller ID.
RodgerSystems AnalystCommented:
Sorry just getting back  to this.  I was on vacation for a while and now I am back.  I'll try and work on getting mine working again.  I have moved since I had it working plus it is a newer PC.
UncochenAuthor Commented:
Hi RodgerDjr, Sorry, I can get the "CALLERID.CallerIDCtrl.1" ActiveX Controls in the frm_CallerID Form, is it possible you sent me one to my email please! my email is:
I did checking my modem by the Hyper Terminal, it works ok, can display the callerid! it means my modem support the callerID. but i try your program just can display Ring. ..Ring... Ring...... not display the CallerID details. do you know what happen? and when i click the "Open Port" button, it will display :




is it the country problem? I am in UK
Thank you very much!
RodgerSystems AnalystCommented:
Yes that is the problem.  No I do not think that is the issue.  One thing that I remembered is the initialzation string needs to be correct.  If you are seeing 'ring' . . . 'ring', then we are on the right path.  if you type in AT#CID=1 does it return OK?  If you get an error then we need to find another AT command that will turn on CID.
UncochenAuthor Commented:
that's right! I delete the "ATZ&ATS41=1&" then it works well. can turn CID and return to OK. Thank you very much for your time.
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