Keyboard and mouse drivers not working

Dell Dimension 3100... used computer... windows XP Pro... using generic usb keyboard and mouse... when booting up the mouse and keyboard do not work at login screen... Keyboard works to get into CMOS setup... both keyboard and mouse work when booting to Bart PE disk...

Thanks in advance for any assistance...
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techresultsOwnerAuthor Commented:
Got things working...
is it the same with a ps/2 mouse and keyb ?
you can try repairing your OS too :      
Hi try this,

while booting machine, press F-8 repeatedly before going into windows XP.
it will give a windows advanced boot options.

choose safemode to boot,

your mouse and keyboard should work in safemode,
go to device manager--
start-control panel--systems--hardware--device manager--remove any unknown device from the list.
Also in device manager, click on Universal Serial Bus controllers,
double click on usb root hub (all of them one by one) and go to power management tab and remove the tick from "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power".

if this isn't work

Solutions 2:

1. remove all other usb devices,
2.boot in safe mode,
3.. remove usb key board and mouse driver, restart windows normally and windows should auto detect and install the drivers.
any question feel free to send it across.

Good luck

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techresultsOwnerAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your comments above...

No PS2 connections on th machine...

No other usb devices attached...

Same behavior on in safe mode so I can't get into xp at all...

don't have the original disk for repair or re-install...

>> don't have the original disk for repair or re-install... <<beg, steal (not from me) or borrow one
techresultsOwnerAuthor Commented:
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