How do I set up PPTP to allow proper domain/lan navigation?

I have PPTP set up on one of my 2003 Servers for VPN reasons. When I connect to the connection from my home I can't browse my network or do pretty much anything unless I first remote into the server I connected to (can't connect to any other servers remotely from my laptop). I can't even connect to it by name and have to connect to it by its local IP on the LAN at my work. Once I remote into that system I can do what I want. Is there anyway I can make this step go away? I want to VPN in and be able to browse the network or remote in to ANY unit's I normally could if I was actually at my office.

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thecomputerdocsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello agentkolb,

Try out
Use logmein free, unless you want to pay for the pro version to support remote printing, file transfer, etc.
Also, LMI Hamachi for a VPN into your great and it's free.


agentkolbAuthor Commented:
Wasnt exactly the answer I was looking for but thanks for the input!
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