Creating a base class inheriting BindingList

Posted on 2008-10-14
Last Modified: 2013-11-08
I need the specific code for VB.Net 2.0 - 3.5 to create a BindingList base (abstract) class for my business object 'collections' to inherit from (specifically the 'Persons' below).

The reason I need a base class is that I want to insert some common functionality in it that I do not wish to hand-duplicate in each specific business class and let the power of inheritance do that work.

I have done this sucessfully in the past with .Net 1.1 projects using Collection, but now using BindingList(Of T) with .Net 3.5, which is new to me, it's got me tripped up how not to have to specify the type in the (Of T) of the base class so that I can inherit from it for many different classes in my project and specify the type in each class.

Below is code for example purposeses. I need a base class that clsPersons would inherit from.

Thanks, Jeff

'''' Object '''''
Public Class clsPerson
    Private _Id As Integer
    Private _Name As String
    Public ReadOnly Property Id() As Integer
            Return _Id
        End Get
    End Property
    Public Property Name() As String
            Return _Name
        End Get
        Set(ByVal value As String)
            _Name = value
        End Set
    End Property
    Public Sub New(ByVal Name As String, ByVal Id As Integer)
        _Id = Id
        _Name = Name
    End Sub
End Class
'''' Collection ''''
Imports System.ComponentModel
Public Class clsPersons
    'How to make this non-type specific for inheritance?
    Inherits BindingList(Of clsPerson)
    Implements IEnumerable
End Class

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Accepted Solution

gregoryyoung earned 500 total points
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public class YourAbstractBase(Of T)
     Inherits BindingList(Of T)
implements IEnumerable(Of T)

end class

Author Closing Comment

ID: 31506200
Hi Greg,

Thanks for the reply. I assume that in my 'collection' I must do this to inherit from the abstract class

Public Class clsPersons
    Inherits BindingList(Of clsPerson)
    Implements IEnumerable
End Class

Now, I'm trying to figure out how do enable things like sorting in the abstract class. If you know how, please comment. I can open another question and award more points.

Thanks so much, Jeff

Author Comment

ID: 22724517
Oops...Implements IEnumerable in my comment above would be unnecessary
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Expert Comment

ID: 22724524
No worries points and a dollar will get me a cup of coffee. Here is an example in C# (and explanation), it should be pretty easy to translate to VB.NET.



Author Comment

ID: 22724672
Thanks Greg, I'm checking this out now.
Since I took the jump from VB.NET 1.1 to VB.NET 3.5, I might as well take advantage of some of the new technology rather than porting my old stuff forward. We'll see if this time allocation proves fruitful.


Author Comment

ID: 22728200
Hi Greg, I'm having some problems implementing the sorting.
Here's my new question, maybe you could take a look?

Thanks, Jeff

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