configure static routes on sonicwall

I have a Sonicwall Pro 230 and want to setup static routes.  I setup the sonicwall lan ip as, and the wan gateway to 200.X.X.240 and sonicwall wan ip to 200.X.X.241.  I have been given 6 public ip addresses at 66.X.X.220 - 66.X.X.225.  How would i go about setting up a static route using the sonicwall gateway wan ip at 200.X.X.241, or is that possible?  in this example i need to use the first ip at 66.X.X.220.

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josogConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We decided to move on to a cisco asa 5510 and decommission the sonicwall.
The 'normal' setup is:
A router in front of your firewall has 200.x.x.241 on it's outside interface and the inside interface has 66.x.x.225, with the remainder of the IPs to use on the WAN interface of the firewall for NAT, DMZ, etc.

In your case, use the IPs for your DMZ.
josogAuthor Commented:
So i am able to leave the sonicwall lan ip as and internal clients and servers can still use this as the gateway?

I was given 2 interconnect ips for the WAN.  200.x.x.240 for the gateway router that is connected to the sonicwall on the WAN Link and 200.x.x.241 is what i gave for the sonicwall WAN NAT IP.  how do i go about setting up the public ip's 66.X.X.220 - 66.X.X.225 in the dmz.  static route?

I am not sure what you mean on "inside interface" 66.x.x.225

Thanks for all your help.
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I'm not familiar with your particular model, but most SonicWalls have the capability to assign one of the ports as the DMZ.
Then you can attach devices to that port with public IP addresses.
This is typically used for web, ftp, and front-end email servers.
josogAuthor Commented:
what would be used for the gateway on these public ips?  since its on a different subnt then the /30 addresses i gave the sonicwall wan ip and sonicwall wan gateway under the wan settings.
Your SonicWall's DMZ will need one of those IPs.
That IP will be the default gateway for any devices in the DMZ.
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