Visual Source Safe - Get Latest (recursive) dialog

I'm using Visual Source Safe and Visual Studio 2008 ... when I use "Get Latest (recursive)" I want to be able to see a list of files that were updated, merged, deleted etc. How do I switch that on?

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angus_young_acdcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have to say I prefer SVN myself over VSS.  But you can check for things like that:
Wouldn't Compare help do that?
craigdevAuthor Commented:
Do I have to compare all the files in the solution, one by one, to see what changes have come through from other programmers?

With SVN when I do an update using TortoiseSVN the console will tell me everything that was added, updated, merged etc. Surely VSS has a similar feature?
craigdevAuthor Commented:
VSS is positively awful. If I was using SVN I would be happy, unfortunately VSS is 'company policy' or so I'm told.

In SVN when you do an update the console tells you a list of modified files - but with VSS it happes in the background and you never know exactly what it has just done. There appear to be no options for this in VSS.

VSS is indeed rather annoying.  Although like I say the link provided above may help in some way.
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