Setting static IP address won't allow me to see others in network neighborhood...

I had another open question but I closed it as I didn't have the correct details.  At this time I believe I can explain my problem a little better.
I have a Vista Ultimate (32-bit) laptop connected to a domain.  When I assign the laptop a static IP address I cannot see other computers in the network neighborhood (everything else works fine though).

When I allow the PC to obtain IP addresses automatically, everything shows up in the neighborhood fine (along with eveything else).
I want to have a static IP so I can bypass the firewall on this machine... but I also need to connect to other PCs quite often and need to be able to browse the network neighborhood.

My WLAN has been disabled as I am trying to focus right now on just the LAN.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I am proud to say that I am the first Vista machine in my company.  I just got the PC and have been connected via LAN since booting the machine.
I assigned a static IP address to the machine and am a member of my company's domain.
While connected through the LAN I can see predefined network drives mapped to my PC.  I can also connect to the internet with no problem at all.
But one thing I couldn't do is visually see any computers on the domain.
I decided to see what would happen if I enabled the wireless connection on this PC and connect to the network this way.
Sure enough it worked.
I can connect to the internet along with visually seeing other computers on the domain.
But technically I have both WAN & LAN enabled at the same time on this machine.

Could someone tell me why this is happening and what I have to do in order to "see" other PCs on my network using a LAN connection?

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If you've reserved the IP you require in DHCP for the wired and wireless connections, then set your PC's network cards' TCP/IP Properties back to gain all their settings *automatically* rather than having them manually specified.  Reboot it and then your PC should get the same settings it had before when done automatically (ie correct gateway, DNS, WINS etc) - but this time with the IP you require.
Is the default gateway different? I'd check the mask and default gateway first. Then do a nslookup to see where the DNS resolution is looking.
Do an IPconfig /all and post it on here.
homerslmpsonAuthor Commented:
I took 2 screenshots and have attached them below.  One is the automatic IP address settings.  The other is the static IP address settings.  Keep in mind I can access the internet with either setting, it's just that the static one I have set up to bypass the proxy server but the automatic IP address setting has to go through the proxy.
Thanks in advance.

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You're missing WINS server addresses on your static configuration - try adding them in.
If you want a static IP on your machine, you'd be better off setting up an IP reservation on your DHCP server for its MAC address rather than manually configuring it.  That way your PC will be given all the Scope Options (such as DNS and WINS) automatically and also you will not need to worry that the DHCP server might give your static IP to someone else.
homerslmpsonAuthor Commented:
OK so I did what you suggested CANTORIS.  I went to the DHCP server and added a reservation for my PC.  I made a a reservation for the LAN and I made another one for the WLAN.
Now that this is set up how long will it take for this happen?

Aren't your WINS secondary servers on a different subnet?
I tend to set the static IP address as the alternative address in TCP/IP settings and not the primary and only one if reserving it. When DHCP is available it will see your reservation and honour it.
homerslmpsonAuthor Commented:
Yes they are on different subnets.  
I rebooted my PC to see try and force the changes.  

I set the static IP address as the alternative address in TCP/IP settings like you suggested and also added the WINS server address.

Anything else I should do?
Have the changes been taken then? do an IPconfig /all
Also, are your patched to the hilt with Vista updates?
You may also find this utility handy to eliminate any browser issues
homerslmpsonAuthor Commented:
Looks like everything worked out OK.  
I configured the LAN and WLAN to obtain their addresses automatically but changed the alternate configuration tab settings to the ones I specified.
I rebooted and everything is working flawlessly.

I also made sure to add the WINS server info where requested in the alternate configuration tab.

Oh good. Glad it's sorted out. So did Cantoris's solution to set your Nics to "Obtain an IP address automatically" work then? I'd be very surprised.
I think that regardless of any reservation made, if you set your nics to obtain an IP address automatically, you will still be allocated a DHCP scope address and not the Address you reserved. My solution to set your IP address on the Nic as the alternate address will work when you have reserved a specific address.
Be very interested to know and also clarify for the sake of other users with a similar issue that use could use this thread as a possible solution. Thanks
I did say "Set to obtain Automatically" in the context of having earlier said to reserve the desired IP address on the DHCP server for that PCs MAC address.  That means DHCP will give the PC the address he wants automatically.
He said it worked fine originally when set to get an IP address automatically but not when done manually configured.  Therefore something DHCP hands out in its scope options is making it work (which looked to be WINS server IPs).  So if you simply add a reservation to the requisite scope then you'll get the IP you want but still get the same scope options which had previously made it work.
The alternate IP configuration tab though will only be used if the DHCP server cannot be contacted.
If you add a static alternate IP (not the alternate config tab) then I would have thought the DHCP server may still allocate that for others if you don't put the reservation in, unless you have conflict detection on.
Hope this clarifies things for anyone reading.
The accepted solution read very differently to your latter explanation... in my opinion anyway :o) Surely people wouldn't assign a static address that is part of the DHCP allocation scope..... would they?...without reserving it?  ;o)
Thanks for clarifying it Cantoris. I will lseep easier now ;o)
homerslmpsonAuthor Commented:
I just wanted to clarify a little bit for anyone that may read this.
- I set the DHCP server to have a reservation for my IP address and MAC address.
- I set my PCs LAN TCP/IP config to obtain an IP address automatically but under the alternate configuration tab I made sure to fill it in completely (with a WINS address too).
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