Dropped Drive Mappings

I needed to create drive mappings form XP clients to a shared folder on my customer's server.  For some reason, the mapping's logon credentials need to be re-entered on occaision despite the fact that I checked the remember password checkbox.  Question: how do I eliminate this problem?
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WebSvrProConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This would be why, If you are on a domain it will have all your log in information on the network through active Dir. BUT As you are not the only login information they are using is for "Local Rights" It will ask you to put in your username and password everytime you connect.

There are two ways to go around this.
A) You can create a domain within your office - Which to be honest would be the best rout to go as your users will pick up all the mapped drives automaticly and they would be able to use any PC in the building and still have all their files. Plus as far as administration goes this is as easy as it comes.


B) Enable Auto Logins Feature
First thing you'll want to do is load up regedit
(Start -> Run then type regedit and press the Ok button) and scroll to this path

HKEY_USERS -> Default -> Software -> Microsoft -> WindowsNT -> CurrentVersion -> Network -> Persistent Connections.

Once there look for the SaveConnections string value and give it the value 'yes'.
Now when you boot your system your computer will not automatically try to reconnect with any mapped drives.

** If this does not work try the following option;

you have to open up a command (Start>run> Type "cmd") prompt and map your drive using the following:
But  because your not on a domain you will have to do this in each PC.

If it still continues to ask you for login information this is because you are on a WORKGROUP as to a domain.

The difference being on a domain the server will cache your information as to a local machine will log its own. So you would have to set up from the customer server access rights for your local users.
(Or create a new account on the customer server/PC and allow unlimited connections and then all your users will be able to connect through the same user account - that should solve you problem)

A couple of questions before I progress,
1) Are you on a different domain from your customer
2) Are you trying to access the mapped drive from a remote location? (From one site to another)
Bird DogCommented:
create a login scipt for them so it will map every time they login.
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SprintdriverAuthor Commented:
WebSvrPro: At the moment this is a small network that is configured as a workgroup.  The user are logging in locally.  
Although you should Replace Windows NT to your opperating system. If you can not find is follow the CMD commands.

I was taking a look on my NT PC because I have that mapped to a SAN. :)
SprintdriverAuthor Commented:
WSP -  I think your workaround will work.  I plan to set this customer up with a domain but tthe big project this week for them was a server migration which included migrating a server based application that's a bit buggy and I didn't want to add more variables by adding the new domain to the mix.

Thanks much!


I use a vb script to connect the drive at login.

this is what mine look like

Set WshNetwork = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Network")
On Error Resume Next
WshNetwork.MapNetworkDrive "s:", "\\\homedirs\dan", True, "username", "password"
On Error Goto 0

replace \\\homedirs\dan with your shared folder. This is silent so nothing will appear at login.

save it as login.vbs

place it in this folder
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

hope this helps

Well I also deal with over 300 customers on the behalf of my company and I tend to deal with a lot of companys that dont have domains. If I was you I would set them up with a domain as soon as you do the transfer. Because you should really do it in one go because if it does not like it, then you have got the old server to fall back on. (Although im sure nothing would happen, but its nice to have that option)

Plus you can charge them that little bit more :)

I personally think that its not a good idea to do that firstly for security reasons. and for a long term Fix i would reccomend the Regedit choice. But again its nice to have options.
Oh yeah I agree, your solution is better. I didnt really read the question properly.
And if you have any questions whilst setting up the domain feel free to email me: laurent-zai@hotmail.com

SprintdriverAuthor Commented:
WSP -  I appreciate the offer...Once I get this customer set up in AD, this will eliminate many issues that they are now facing.
AD is the way to go!

Plus if you then put them onto a domain you can sell them more services such as intranet and Remote Citrix sessions e.t.c
SprintdriverAuthor Commented:
I think that the only problem that I will encounter is on a user level.  The employees are not used to having to enter a username and password to get their workstations up.  With these users, even the slightest change in operating procedure (like the afore mentioned) is certan to elicit much handwringing and numerous phone calls.  As a new SMB level consultant I'm not quite sure of how to best handle users that find the concept of cut and paste literally something that they have to write a procedure for and practice.
Well you should just tell them that this is their new systems and they will have to get used to it. Beceause if they are not on a domain and AD I can tel you for surel that it will cause you a crap load of problems for the future.
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