DNS conflict between internal domain and external website/email accounts

Hi there.

We have a Domain Controller running  a domain called companyname.com. We have also register www.companyname.com.cy as our website domain which is hosted on an external web server.
Anyone using this DC as their internal DNS server cannot access our externally hosted website at www.companyname.com.cy. we also have problem setting up our personal emails as name@companyname.com.cy on ms outlook as pop3 email accounts.

Is there a way to configure DNS so we can still access the external website from inside the company, and set up our pop3 email accounts?

The DC in question is running Windows Server 2003.
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Chris DentConnect With a Mentor PowerShell DeveloperCommented:

If your AD Domain is companyname.com and not companyname.com.cy then there should be no conflict.

If you log onto your Domain Controller, does it have a forward lookup zone for companyname.com?

If the above is simply missing the .cy you will need to duplicate any external records you wish to resolve into your internal DNS server (for the website and for mail access).


Henrik JohanssonConnect With a Mentor Systems engineerCommented:
Configure the internal DNS to forward unresolved queries to the external DNS
dnsmgmt.msc -> right-click server -> Properties -> Forwarders -> add external DNS-IP to list
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