archive internal email

Im looking for a solution to archive internal mail messages from one user to another within exchange. I preffer not to use any 3th party products and also the users should not be able to notice that there mail is being archived (or forwarded to another mailbox).

Thanks in advance.
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jritsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
i used the integrated exchange journaling option..

as described on: 
Simply add an mailforwardingaddress entry in LDAP for user1. Put the value of the second person's email address (user2)and you will get a copy of emails sent to user1 without user2 knowing.
jritsAuthor Commented:
The only problem with this is that when a user sends an email with a delivery notification both recipients, original user and user to which the mail is being forwarded, will send such a report back. This way users are being notified there mail is being forwarded..

I hope this make sense I do not know how to explain otherwise
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I just tested.  It just notifies as being delivered to the mailbox you specified in the to: section of your mailbox.  It is blind as to whomever it gets forwarded.  
jritsAuthor Commented:
with "add an mailforwardingaddress entry in LDAP " you mean:

- Open properties of user A in Active Directory
- Open Exchange general
- Open Delivery options
- Specify the email address of user B in the forward to box

?? Because this way when user C sends an email with delivery notification to user A, both user A and B will respond to that..
jritsAuthor Commented:
has anybody a suggestion?
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