Cisco Conentrator

I have a cisco vpn conentrator 3005. i can connect to via vpn just fine from the cisco client software but i cannot ping any local ips or any server names over the vpn. i do have the split tunneling turned on but cannot figure out why i cannot ping or browse network folders.
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Can you check and confirm if the IP subnet of the client is same as the IP subnet of the network behind Cisco device; if yes, this is the problem. You would need to change the IP subnet at one of the ends.

Also, I would like to check if there is a firewall on the local machine which is interrupting with the traffic flow and finally you have allowed traffic on the concentrator to the remote users.

Thank you.
chrisglissmanAuthor Commented:
so what you are saying is if my local servers in my office are my vpn clients have to be like
That is correct; they both cannot be 10.0.1.x/24

Thank you.
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chrisglissmanAuthor Commented:
how do i  allow traffic on the concentrator to the remote users?
Sorry for the confusion; remote user access configuration is done on PIX/ASA not on concentrator.

Have you ensured that the client and network subnets are different.

Thank you.
chrisglissmanAuthor Commented:
yes i have set up clients on the vpn3005 to get address i can connect but cannot ping any local ips nor can i ping there names.
No this is not what I meant when I specified that the remote clients should be on different subnet. Let me clarify:

Let's say a client "A" connects from home; he is having a Linksys router and the network he is on behind linksys is
Noe let's say the user wants to create VPN to concentrator; he does that and as the network behind concentrator is also; he would successfully get connected but there would be no packet flow.

So, you need to change the IP subnet at one of the ends; normally we would change subnet at the Linksys end as it is easy to implement [but if you wish you can also change the IP subnet at concentrator end].
Please revert the virtual IP pool for the remote user on concentrator back to the range you had specified earlier [10.0.1.x]

Thank you.

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