Shutdown script for Windows 2003 servers.

I have 21 servers that I wish to shutdown but initiating a shutdown script.  However I am stuck on two things;

A) Should I use Vbscript or a simple batch file

B) Depending on the answer above what is the exact syntaxt that will work?    

I have a rudimentary understanding of the shutdown command (eg. shutdown -f -t 00] but I am not quite sure how to send this to remote machine  but I know the functionality is there.  Thanks you.
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mikef147Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe you can only specify 1 server at a time per line, so if you wanted to script for 21 servers you could use a simple batch file and do, for example

shutdown /m \\server1
shutdown /m \\server2

If you want a specific time delay, you can add in /t xxx (# of seconds).   If you want them to shutdown and reboot, add the /r switch.  

For example, this should shutdown and reboot server1 after 60 seconds:   shutdown /r /t 60 /m \\server1

The /m \\servername is the switch to specify another compuer.
every1isevil2Author Commented:
Would you be able to create an exact syntax sample for me?  And how can I add multiple servers to that?

/m \\servername /m \\servername  OR /m \\servername \\servername

Thanks again.
every1isevil2Author Commented:
Great thank you.
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