Website cloning or proxy style Script


I want a solution, piece of code or idea for how I can create a website which will act like original website, for example:

my website is I want it to look like and WORK exactly like

I don't want redirection or META REFRESH, I want my website to look like EXACTLY like google and if user searched something it should work and user should be able to search and....

How I can do that?

Please advice.
Thanks from now!
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Adam314Connect With a Mentor Commented:
<frameset rows="0%,100%" noresize="noresize">
   <frame src="your_non_visible_page.html">
   <frame src="">
Is the site you want to mimic just HTML, or is there any server code (a search is almost always server code)?

If there is server code, do you have access to that?
It depends on the nature of the site.  You'll easily be able to copy static HTML pages and pages that reference CGI scripts and/or Javascript, but if they are comprised of PHP, ASP, Flash etc, then you'll have a hard time.
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CSecurityAuthor Commented:
No I want to do it easily like with iframe, but I want user think it's EXACTLY google, is it possible?
You could create a frame that is 100% of the page, and point it to google.  This will work until some link uses _top as the target.

If you want the links to also go to your site, then you'll have to parse the HTML, replace the links with links to your site, and send the results.
    if you go to, there is a link "Advertising Programs".
    this link goes to ""
    Do you want to change it so it goes to "", or should it still go to google?
CSecurityAuthor Commented:
I want requests to go to orginal, not mine... How can I create 100% iframe?
CSecurityAuthor Commented:
If user right click on page and try to see source code will see this source or's source?
Depends on the browser.  Some will show the main page source, some will show the frame source.

If they click on the menu View -> Page Source, they will see the top level source, which would be the frame definition.
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