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alphabetic sequence generation in oracle

I need unique alphabeticals sequence generation for about 5000 in oracle, how do I do that
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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
could you please clarify the request?
reddi_mkAuthor Commented:
I need to generate unique alphabeticals like A B C...Z , AA AB AB...AZ, BA,BB,BC...BZ  up to 5 characters
Could you please send me the script for this.
reddi_mkAuthor Commented:
I need this in pl/sql script.
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reddi_mkAuthor Commented:
i had following script can somebody tweak it.

v_Current_Number number;
v_Current_Mod_Value number;
v_Current_Quot_Value number;
v_third_char varchar2(200);
v_second_char varchar2(200);
v_first_char varchar2(200);
v_Final_String varchar2(200);
select CINXFER.Testseq.nextval into v_Current_Number from dual;
v_Current_Mod_Value := mod(v_Current_Number, 26);
v_Current_Quot_Value := trunc(v_Current_Number/26);
select chr(64+ decode(v_Current_Mod_Value, 0, 26, v_Current_Mod_Value)) into v_third_char from dual;
dbms_output.put_line('third_char '||v_third_char);
select decode(v_Current_Quot_Value, 0, NULL,chr(64+ decode(mod(v_Current_Quot_Value, 26), 0, 26, mod(v_Current_Quot_Value, 26)))) into v_second_char from dual;
select decode(trunc(v_Current_Number/(26*26)), 0, NULL, chr(64+ decode(mod(trunc(v_Current_Number/(26*26)), 26), 0, 26, mod(trunc(v_Current_Number/(26*26)), 26)))) into v_first_char from dual;
v_Final_String := v_first_char||v_second_char||v_third_char;

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reddi_mkAuthor Commented:
Can somebody help me I need to get this done by end of today.
So, basically you're looking for a Base10 to Base26 conversion function?

http://www.orafaq.com/forum/t/96699/2/ offers a few possible solutions.
i strongly object the fact that users have, during the last couple of months, started to abuse EE's "request removal"-option instead of awarding points to the people responding to their questions.

The page I linked to gives not only one, but a multitude of distinct possibilities of solving the problem. All the author needed to do is choose the one that suits him best.

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