union inside struct, how to access it?

If I have :

how do I access the char* text, inside the union of a struct? in typ?
struct data {
     int type;
     union {
        char* text;
        char* charcon;
	 char* id;
        int val;
     } d;
   } typ;

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Infinity08Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You'd use typ.d.text to access it.
kuntilanakAuthor Commented:
ok, thanks.. can you get to my other question about the symbol table?
I was already on it ;)
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kuntilanakAuthor Commented:
thanks, hope you can reply faster :)
>> hope you can reply faster :)

That all depends on my availability heh. It's quite late here, and I'll head to bed soon to get up early tomorrow and go to work :) But I do my best.
kuntilanakAuthor Commented:
You're really a bunch of help really.. If I could reward you with 10k points, I would do it right now..
No worries. I'm just glad I can help out :)
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