Open Picture from email

I got email with picture. I can view it at outlook but when I save it as HTML Document on HD and try to open again, the picture does not show up. Please help. Thanks
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Peter HartConnect With a Mentor Commented:
right click on the actual picture anbd choose "save as ..."
Paste the source. Let's have a look at where it is trying to find the images.
Peter HartCommented:
if its an image you should be saving it as a jpg not as an html
right click on the image and "save as..."
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Phucnguyen01Author Commented:
Here is file.
Phucnguyen01Author Commented:
Hi ChilternPC,
This is email with pics.
Phucnguyen01Author Commented:
Hi kfarnham67:
They do not allow attach .html file.
kfarnham67Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Just cut and paste the text in the attach code snipit section.
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