We are working with a new server with Small Business Server. All programs are running fine on the old server, so we just reinstalled and copied all programs, including filemaker and the database. All works fine except when we change servers and connect all users. Filemaker starts freezing and this problem escalates. Even in restarting the server, the problem persists. Only after shutting it down and waiting a while will the problem dissappear. We made a sepparate network to try to isolate the problem, with computers that have never been connected to the old server, and we have not been able to duplicate the error. All works fine. So we think there may be something in the configuration of the pcs we are connecting to the old server or maybe with the switches. Any ideas? Almost all the computers are very old, running XP and Pentium II or celeron.
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billmercerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this experiment:

Create a brand new user on one of the older computers, log in as that user, then try launching your filemaker database. If this works, then you can be fairly sure the problem is a local setting on the workstation itself. If it doesn't, then the problem is more likely to be some sort of software incompatibility, possibly a difference between SBS and Enterprise, or something in R2.

Another thing to be wary of, make sure that the folder on the server that the Filemaker files are stored in is NOT a shared folder on the network. This can cause many problems including database corruption.
weird... is that filemaker 4 you said? so it is a filemaker 3 for server? the only trap i Know is that the tcp/ip layer must be ready before the fm service starts, so on some machine you must delay the fm service start by 60 to 120s, using an autoexecnt service or something similar; try to start the service manually first.
Also, is the old one still running on the same LAN?
I am not clear on what your actual setup is. Are you using FileMaker Server running on the server to host your database files? Or are you just storing the database files on the server and connecting directly to them with the client?

You said you're using a new SBS. If you are using Windows Server 2K3 or later, that's not compatible with old versions of FileMaker Server.

If you are not using FileMaker Server, but are just hosting the FileMaker files on the Windows server, then you could be having problems arising from server settings like opportunistic locking, caching, etc.
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pymeAuthor Commented:
The version we have is not server it is 4.01 pro. We first open the files on the server and then the clients access them. We have used both servers at once but we have also tried just using the new one. Do the clients save any data on the last server they have logged into? In our case the TCP/IP does not apply, since we do not access as a service because it is not s server version.

We are using filemaker pro v4.01 sharing files as a guest for the clients, the clients do not access the files directly. The old server is using win 2003 server enterprise, but on the new server we are using win SBS 2003 R2 with exactly the same files as the old server, we just changed the server's name and IP address.

We thought maybe the win version was the problem, so we tried installing the same windows we have in the old server, but it also crashes.

Since trying to solve the problem interferes with the operation of the office, we isolated the new server from the network to try to find the problem, not using the same pc's, but different pc's which have never been logged into the old server, and we could not duplicate the error. We left the old server working, presenting no errors. So the old server with old computers works fine. New server with different computers works fine. New server with old computers crashes, which makes me think maybe the users store some information from the old server?
Another question for you: When you say Filemaker is freezing, are you talking about the client machines connecting to the server? Or  is the copy of FileMaker running on the server itself what is crashing?
lesouefConnect With a Mentor Commented:
working this way is a bit dangerous anyway if you have several linked files, fm4 remembers automatically the ip adress of the linked file if it's been setup from a remote machine, remembers all locations, never clears the list, and tries from the most recent untill the oldest to locate a related file, so I would not be surprised it some users would end up using files from both servers at the same time...
what about licences? fm hates to identify 2 identical licences on the same LAN; are your "servers" using the same one?
clients conflict is OK, it only issues a msg, but fm served  files from 2 identical licences is causing problems.
Does the 2nd works OK if you shut down the first one?
pymeAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot for your help!! Problem solved. Your ideas provided us the guidelines to detect and solve the problem. Turned out the stations were looking for a printer on the old server, so filemaker was redirecting itself to the old server after someone printed something. Also one of the stations had filemaker installed twice (go figure!!)
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