How do I subtract time in

How do I subtract time  in

How do I subtract for example (7:40 pm  - 7:20 pm) to result in just minutes.

My times are represented in this exact format
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RishadanPortConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is my full updated solution:
DateTime time = Convert.ToDateTime("7:40pm");
DateTime time2 = Convert.ToDateTime("7:20pm");
TimeSpan span = new TimeSpan(time.Hour, time.Minute, time.Second);
TimeSpan span2 = new TimeSpan(time2.Hour, time2.Minute, time2.Second);
MessageBox.Show("Total Minutes is " 
   + span.TotalMinutes - span2.TotalMinutes);

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Convert both times into second format...

Then subtract seconds, and convert seconds into minutes.

Use this:

            TimeSpan time = <some time>;
            TimeSpan time2 = ....;
            int totalSeconds = time2.TotalSeconds - time.TotalSeconds;
Further example listed below.

You may need to research a bit more on how to convert to a DateTime from a string
DateTime time = Convert.ToDateTime(<put time here>);
DateTime time2 = Convert.ToDateTime(<put time here>);
TimeSpan stime = new TimeSpan(time.Hour, time.Minute, time.Second);
TimeSpan stime2 = new TimeSpan(time2.Hour, time2.Minute, time2.Second);
int seconds = stime2.TotalSeconds - stime.TotalSeconds;
int minutes = seconds * 60;

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It turns out that this compiles, and runs correctly:

DateTime time = Convert.ToDateTime("7:40 pm");
DateTime time2 = Convert.ToDateTime("7:20 pm");
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