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HP ZD8000 Laptop Battery Not Charging

I have an HP Pavilion ZD8000 running on Windows XP Home, SP2 and the battery will not charge.

I have tried going to the HP site and downloading the HP Battery Calibrator, but I get an error that the calibration software is not supported by my system. The only explanation that HP gives as to why the software is not compatibly is......"if you receive and error that the software is not compatible it is because some systems are not compatible..." Very helpful indeed!

About a week ago, the battery itself would hold a charge for about 30 seconds before the system would advise me to switch to external power supply. However, if I unplug the power supply, it now turns the machine off. When running on external power, the system shows the battery life at 0%.

I purchased a new battery, plugged it in to charge, but after a few hours the system still shows battery life at 0%. P.S. the external power supply is brand new as well. Neither battery will charge with either power supply. Is there anything else that I can try to get charging again???
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I had the exact same problem with two zd8000s a few months ago. I spent several hundred bucks taking them to repair shops to get them fixed and then gave up.  I have taken them apart for spare parts to keep the other four I have working.  If you can't get yours working, I'd be willing to give you $100 for the parts.  Let me know.
seems a bat battery charger section on your motherboard
ifear only options are  a repair or replacement of mobo
mjgreenleyAuthor Commented:
Thanks src1963, but, I have a lot more invested in this machine (hardware & software) than a $100.

nobus...is there any way to test the motherboard...some type of tool or software that could help confirm this? Thanks!
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you would need the software from the laptop - does hp have a diagnostic cd, or partition?
You say it shuts down if you remove AC power. Is that a controlled shutdown or just immediate death? Does it happen ieven if you enter BIOS setup and remove AC power?
It would seem a problem with the battery connection on your motherboard.  If it's still under warranty, call it in for a motherboard replacement.  If not, you're either looking at shelling out several hundred dollars for a new mobo or a new laptop.
mjgreenleyAuthor Commented:
Hey rid, Yeah...it is a sudden death shutdown. I will try the bios settup and let you know.

Nobus...I kinda got screwed by HP a while back. I sent the machine in for a check because of someweird timing issue I was having (every 5 seconds the machine would freeze for a split second) Big problem when your working in Photoshop or typing!!! Anyway...I sent them the machine, they sent it back with a new HDD and new software. The hard drive they replaced was 1/2 the capacity as the one I sent it to them with, and they never activated any of the software. Needless to say, the original disks that I owned for the machine no longer work now...and dispite nurmerous calls to HP support to get a replacement disk...I never get anywhere. So a long answer to your question is that yes I have the disks but I cannot run them on the machine.

Netminder69, unfortunately, the machine is not under warrenty any longer. At least not the MB...only the HDD which I mentioned above. Which...I ended up replacing myself with a larger volume since HP screwed me! But, maybe it's time for a new MB anyway, ha!
not really user friendly ,
for the battery, all i can suggest is a complete load / unload cycle; but if it's not loading...
you can also test the adapter and battery on another zd8000 if you can locate one for a test
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