Help with MS Project. Tasks which take longer than actual working days.

I am trying to get MS Project set up to work with my system of testing "tasks". Basically, each task is assigned a number, and takes XX amount of technician time. The problem is that the technician doesn't spend 100% of each day on the tasks, and sometimes there are gaps of weeks between when he works on tasks so that a task could go for months, but really only require a few days of labor.
Trying to get this to work out in Project so I can see what a persons work load is, plus provide estimates for when the work will be completed.
It's a special case.
This is sort of a continuation for bobsegrest.

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Hi Jeff,

To figure this out we need to review what you are doing and the precise process you are following to get it done.

Start with the project plan that I reworked for you so that we will have a common reference point to start from.  If you don't have a copy of this file you can probably still download it from the previous question.

Now, starting with this reference point, tell me which line in your spread sheet you are trying to add as a new testing task to the project plan.

With these data points I should be able to talk you through the steps you need to take to create the new testing task.

If this isn't what you are trying to do, please explain what it is you are trying to do using the same two reference points.

Bob Segrest, PMP
MCITP, Miccrosoft Project Blackbelt
jeffrey_m_scharpfAuthor Commented:
Hi Bob.
Thanks for the response. I still have your project. I will start fresh with it and try to see what my first step is. I had a busy last few days so I will try to look at it this weekend.

jeffrey_m_scharpfAuthor Commented:
Ok here it goes. I'm starting over with the file you provided. As I look at it now, it's viewing the "TR".
I will focus on the very first task that I am looking at.
So the first line item is technician "Stephan Blockel", TR27303.
So lets say we take just this TR.. Let me see..
1) Steve will spend 6 working days on this but I know that he won't spend 6 consecutive days at 100% of his time on this. Therefore, he may actually start a day earlier, or later, not sure yet. once he starts it, he may spend 20% of his day on this TR. Lets say he works one full day on this on the 24th.. then he works on other things for two days.. then on the 27th he works on it again for 1/2 day..

2) I want to look at Steves time his workload, what I've got schedule for him, so I want to sort by technician, and view resources if possible. All I ever see is some % that are insane..

3) Since I am trying to publish a schedule for the requestors, I don't want to tell them that it will finish on the 30th of October because I know it won't be done by then, even though it will only take 6 working days. Does this make sense?

4) The numbers in the left column. What are they? THe first line says "64".

5) Now lets say I want to sort by requestor so I can take just one section of tasks (for each requestor) and send them a report showing their specific tasks and when we expect to complete them.

Mainly my confusions are putting in finish dates that are farther out than what project calculates, checking a particular technicians workload (not sure if resources is what I should be looking at), then sorting by groups and moving columns if possible to group tasks by requestor (only for reporting, I don't need to link anything).
So that's where I'm at.  I think if I can understand these things better, I should be able to do the next thing which is adding new tasks and changing dates as time goes by and we have to adjust.

jeffrey_m_scharpfAuthor Commented:
THanks for all the help! I think I've got it covered now
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