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Peoplesoft Query

Posted on 2008-10-15
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-06-21
I have written a SQL which I want to translate into a peoplesoft query. However I have problems building this query in peoplesoft. The SQL I have is:

SELECT A.Name, PRV.Value1, A.Value2, PRV.Comment
FROM Table1 AS A, Table2 AS B, Table2 AS D
WHERE A.Name=D.Name
AND B.Value1= (SELECT MAX(C.Value1) FROM Table2 C where C.Name = B.Name)
AND D.Value1= (SELECT MAX(C.Value1) FROM Table2 C where C.Name = B.Name and C.Value1 <B.Value1);

The reason I couldn't build this in peoplesoft is because after I aggregated C.Value1 (max), it doesn't allow me to add a criteria to it. The criteria is C.Value1 < B.Value1.  So the problem part is:

'AND D.Value1= (SELECT MAX(C.Value1) FROM Table2 C where C.Name = B.Name and C.Value1 <B.Value1)'

Do I need to rewrite this SQL or is there a way to build this query in peoplesoft?
Question by:jannhan
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Expert Comment

ID: 22728023
You've obfuscated your query a bit too much.  It's hard to follow what you intended.

you have prv.value and prv.comment but you don't have anything called "prv" in your from clause.

Is prv a package or is that a mistake in your posting?


Author Comment

ID: 22728051
Sorry I posted the wrong sql. The correct being:

SELECT A.Name, A.Value2, D.Comment, D.Value1
FROM Table1 AS A, Table2 AS B, Table2 AS D
WHERE A.Name=D.Name
AND B.Value1= (SELECT MAX(C.Value1) FROM Table2 C where C.Name = B.Name)
AND D.Value1= (SELECT MAX(E.Value1) FROM Table2 E where E.Name = B.Name AND E.Value1 <B.Value1);

This SQL fetch the 2nd highest Value1 for every Name. The tables are:
Table 1
ID      Name      Value      Value2
1      John      1      54
5      Mike      5      78

Table 2
ID      Name      Value1      Comment
1      John      1      None
2      John      3      N
3      Mike      2      N
4      John      4      Bingo
5      Mike      5      Bingo

SQL result:
Name      Value1      Value2      Comment
John      3      54      N
Mike      2      78      N

The SQL is good but I couldn't build it in pplsoft.
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Accepted Solution

sdstuber earned 1000 total points
ID: 22728094
Peoplesoft is notorious for having poorly written sql statements with lots and lots of sub-selects that requery the same tables over and over again.

When the application itself won't support your syntax, it may be necessary to create a view with a good query then use people soft to write a simple query like

select * from your_view

as an alternate to the 4-way requery of table2,  try this...,  if I understand your intent, this should produce the same results you were looking for.

SELECT   name, value2, comment, value1
  FROM   (SELECT   a.name,
                   DENSE_RANK() OVER (PARTITION BY b.name ORDER BY b.value1 DESC) br
            FROM   table1 a, table2 b
           WHERE   a.name = b.name)
 WHERE   br = 2
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Author Comment

ID: 22728128
hm..i'm sorry but I have no idea how to enter DENSE_RANK and PARTITION BY in peoplesoft. If you can see the attached image, this is the only way I can build a query bcos of the security setup.

It's very frustrating after I aggregated E.Value1 it doesn't allow me to add a criteria to that field anymore!
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Expert Comment

ID: 22728143
that's why I suggest you try building a view,  either using your query, or mine.  Then use people soft to write a simple  select * from your_view.

If you don't have access to create a view,  you may need to request help from your dba.

Author Comment

ID: 22728252
not possible, asked the teams working on pplsft...was told request to build a view needs 3-6 months for approval. i was shocked nonetheless. so view is definitely out of the question.

any idea on how i can rewrite the sql so it can be easier to build in pplsft? thanks

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Expert Comment

ID: 22730618
I don't mean creating a new view in the peoplesoft schemas.  But rather use your own schema with a view that queries into the peoplesoft schema tables.   Hopefully that wouldn't require a 3-6 month lag.

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Assisted Solution

dbmullen earned 1000 total points
ID: 22731480
well..  the solution is what sdstuber says above..  create a view using the analytic..  

run the 2 queries in sqlplus
set autoexplain on

send the results to the DBA-group without the data.  They'll be happy to see a query that does less work.    

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