Need to find a download location for Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions 5.0

Need to download a copy of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 5.0

I dont need cracks/hacks, I simply need an Installation Source for the above software. I have a full 10 seat license, but no media to install on a new PC.

If the trial version can be unlocked, that would be fine too.....

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Rob WilliamsCommented:
I don't believe they exist myself, and I am a QB adviser, though not a very knowledgeable one. Unless someone has "illegally" posted on on an FTP site somewhere.

Probably your least expensive solution is as you mentioned having the local QB adviser come around.
Have you checked with the client's accounting firm? They often have matching software, so that they can do audits, and many are also QB advisers.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
To the best of my knowledge, the only way to get access to the downloads, is to register as a ProAdvisor. I don't know if the ProAdvisor program is available in all countries. Here (Canada) it runs about $300/year but you can download any version, old or new. There are other advantages that come with the program.
johnb6767Author Commented:
Yea, I knew they had something like that.....
I am hoping to find an .iso of a trial. Found a version of ACT! like that once for a similar situation..... Going to call thier support momentarily, to see how many times thye will tell me no......
Thanks for stopping by at least....
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Chris B
johnb6767Author Commented:
Nope. Not gonna spend $3000 on a 5 user license, when we only need 2 installs of it..... Intuit support already confirmed that. I contacted a few Quickbooks ProAdvisors, and so far for them to come out with thier Install Media, will be around $200-$250 bucks, to install using my license.....
Wish someone had an .iso to upload, that was my original hopes...Will update later...
johnb6767Author Commented:
No other thoughts on an .iso download?
johnb6767Author Commented:
They do thier own books...... I have checked with a local advisor, and I think we might end up upgrading to the latest version and purchasing the conversion utility.
Will keep this open a tad bit longer.....
Thanks for the input!
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks johnb6767. I hope you were able to get resolved.
Cheers !
Guess what! Looks as if Intuit STILL has all of the software going this far back on their web server! Unfortunately, the ftp server does not 'index' the files.

is a valid download for the proffessional version. If you know what version (exactly) that you need, then you may be able to work out the correct download path. Alternatively, try and talk to their web staff, they should be able to tell you exactly where the files are that you are after.

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