I want to restore a desktop hp a220n to its original factory image and i didnt get any disks.

Does HP save an original image on the hard drive for this model desktop?
How do I restore the original image without disks.
If I must have disks, how do I obtain them legally so I get the original image to the hard drive
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scottbortisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Contact HP.  They will ask you for your Serial Number and Model number.  They then have the ability to send you disks, for a fee of course.

There is a recovery partition and the option to create the orig CD's from the OS.  It should be in your programs menu.  Otherwise, getting the CD's from HP might be your ownly valid option.
onedeejConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When booting the computer, you will see the HP symbol in the BIOS, simply press F10 on the keyboard to launch the HP system recovery.
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