Errors - Since Raise of Domain

getting the following error on our win2k TS since the upgrade of our domain to windows 2003 only.

Replication of license information failed because the License Logging Service on server \\server2 could not be contacted.

MS site says - 213 Replication of license information failed because the License Logging service on server ServerName could not be contacted.

Indicates that either the indicated Site License Server or domain controller is unavailable on the network or the License Logging service on that computer is stopped. Verify that the computer is on the network and is running. If the computer is available on the network, use Services in the Computer Management System Tools to verify that the License Logging service is running on that computer.

now there arent any licence logging services running as the DC's are all 2003 now.  what needs to mbe done?
i have moved the TS licences over (although not showing the devices/users) to the new server & added the new 2003 user cals ready for the TS win2k server upgrade to win2k3.

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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just disable the License Logging Service on your servers. It isn't doing what it should, and Microsoft says that you can disable it in most cases without issues.
Check here for details:
Description of the License Logging Service in Windows Server operating systems
churchhousetrustAuthor Commented:
on the 2k servers?
churchhousetrustAuthor Commented:
also noticed our 2x win2k3 dc's are licenced per server and not per device or user.  will changing this (one time change) be ok?
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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Disable it on all servers (it's disabled in W2k3 by default, but automatic on W2k).
Yes, you can change that to "Per Device/User".
churchhousetrustAuthor Commented:
ok, how do you allocate the number of devices/users once this is changd?
oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There's no need to do that since the LLS isn't running anyway. You just need to have the appropriate number of CALs. CALs need only to be entered (and are enforced) in an SBS domain.
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