Error when upgrading Microsoft CRM 3.0 to Microsoft CRM 4.0

When trying to upgrade MS CRM from 3.0 to 4.0, I get the message below.
Following this, the install doesn't rollback, so I have to uninstall 4.0,
and reinstall CRM 3.0 + Rollups and start again. Any ideas?

System.Exception: Action
Microsoft.Crm.Setup.Server.ConfigureHelpVirtualDirAction failed. Cannot
create a file when that file already exists. (Exception from HRESULT:

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This looks like it is as a result o$f the Virtual directories / Web sites for CRM still existing in IIS. If you remove these you should be able to succesfully install again.
swakynAuthor Commented:
Thanks for responding so quickly. It is an upgrade to a current 3.0 implementation that I am running, so I would think that removing the website would cause an issue.
Is the error occuring when you perform the CRM 4 upgrade or the reinstall of CRM 3.0?
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HI  Please  try this out

Rakesh agarwal 

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swakynAuthor Commented:

The error is when I try to perform the CRM 4 upgrade.

947997 relates to reinstalling CRM 3 which I have done successfully.

Any other ideas?


Are you deploying to the Default web site or creating a new website on port 5555 for example.
swakynAuthor Commented:
The upgrade deploys to the existing CRM 3 website.
If the Upgrade fails, the likelihood is that you will have to Re-Install CRM 3.0 (unless it completed (you ignored the error) and you can open CRM from the web)

Uninstall CRM 4.0 (there may be a partial install)

Restore your databases (the 3.0 databases) and reinstall CRM 3.0 pointing to the existing databases (you may have to remove registry entries (HKLM | Software | Microsoft | MSCRM) the Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM to do this.  I would suggest removing or re-porting the existing website.

For the Upgrade, Have you got any custom pages or Virtual Directories?
Also, what Rollup had you applied in 3.0?  You may want to apply Rollup 2 at a minimum before upgrade.

The error does appear to be related to the creation of an existing virtual directory.  Did you have a previous failed attempt?
swakynAuthor Commented:
I have been through this process and CRM 4 just failed to install with the same message.

Regarding the virtual directory, CRM 3 was installed on the default web site (port 80). I got involved after the first upgrade attempt, which failed due to the incorrect organisation being entered. To restore back to CRM 3 I had to disable the site, and let the install create a new site (on port 80).

So I now have 2 'Microsoft CRM v3.0' sites on port 80, one which is stopped. I suspect I should delete the stopped site before trying again. Also there is an admin site for 'frontpage extensions 2002' and another for 'Web User Interface for Microsoft Windows Server administration' both on different ports could these be causing a problem?
So CRM 3.0 was in Inetpub before? on port 80.  (if the other sites aren't on 80, shouldn't be a problem)  When you reinstall 3.0 you might let it go to port 5555 and put the web files in the PF\CRM directory. (you can then reconfigure the CRM Web Site to port 80)

Yes, you should delete the stopped site.

Are you saying you just did this again?

on the DB server, is there an MSCRM_CONFIG database?  (that is specific to CRM 4 and should be deleted before you attempt to upgrade again.

swakynAuthor Commented:
Yes, originally CRM 3 was in INETPUB. However the directory that the running site is pointing to is C:\Program Files\Microsoft CRM\CRMWeb, and the stopped one is c:\inetpub\wwwroot, so I can't see how the file already exists unless it is stored in a shared location somewhere?
Assume that CRM 3.0 works as you have configured it?  What about the Rollup?

What is going on in /LM/W3SVC/<website#>/ROOT?

Delete the original site that points to INETPUB.

Can you attach your setuplog?
swakynAuthor Commented:
CRM 3.0 is running OK after the reinstall.
Rollup 2 is installed.
I don't know what /LM/W3SVC/<website#>/ROOT is?
I have attached my setuplog
so the HELP Virtual Directory should be here :
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\CRMWeb\Help

Or an equivalent within INETPUB.  Not sure why it would not "upgrade" it.

Make sure there is no MSCRM_CONFIG database on your SQL (and no MDF or LDF files same name).  that may be significant as you seem to get an error about it every time you begin the upgrade.

Any progress swakyn?
swakynAuthor Commented:
I have not had an opportunity to try again yet, I'm hoping to schedule downtime over the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately I can't try it in a dev environment first!
swakynAuthor Commented:
Apologies for my lack of response, I have not been able to recreate my issue in a dev environment, so have not been able to move this on. Users are OK continuing with version 3 for the time being, and I want to minimise downtime. When I can schedule some downtime in the production environment I can try some of these solutions, with a backup plan of rebuilding the server then installing the software and upgrading.

If any of these solutions work, I would like to flag it as a solution, but by closing the issue now, I wont have this opportunity.
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