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A user keeps getting disconnected from a website (IE Problem, I think)

Hello there.

One of my users keeps getting disconnected from a shipping site we use.  Now, this is a hard problem to narrow down because;

1)      She can connect to this website and browse, place orders etc.
2)      All other websites, internet browsing is fine.
3)      All other networking, connected to network drives is fine.
4)      All other surrounding workstations can connect to the website fine, and place orders.  So this is a local problem.
5)      When Firefox is installed, the user does not get disconnected  however, Firefox does not suppose the printing module the user uses to print labels.

When she is disconnected, she is not doing anything in particular  for instance she could just click a link and the site goes down.

I have tried:

"      Ping t  (our of 100 packets sent, only 1 packet timed out)
"      Tracert (all fine here, no particular slow outbound route)
"      Flush dns (locked in the cache for specific website IP, then pinged that IP to make sure both were the same)
"      Resetting IE to defaults
"      Reinstalling IE and all updates  Java etc..
"      Full system spyware/maleware scans.
"      Cleared all temp files, Windows and IE
"      Changing the switch port. (I would like to say however, that the particular switch that user is connected to is in the main office.  The switch in the main office is connected to the main switch box in the Server room (need more connections ports.  As the switch looks kinda old, I could swap her connection with a direct connection to the main switch in the server room.  But this would indicate a bad switch  so surely the other user connected to this switch would have some issues.)
"      Contacting the website and asked if they have had any problems with other uses; the reply?  No, its you.
"      Added site to Safe zone on IE.  The site is not a secure site.

The only option I have left, as I see it, is to install and IE- Tab extension in Firefox (a browser that she does not get disconnected from) and have her right-click Open this page when she wants to print a label.

So, any ideas as to why a user would keep getting disconnected at random from a website.  

Thanks for any and all suggestions.
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1 Solution
It may happen if you have installed pirated version of windows with IE7.
first uninstall IE7 and install IE6 sp1.
then try to find problem.

also try this
open command prompt ,write iisreset and then press enter.
wait for iis to reset and try again.
have you tried signing on with another use on that computer and see if the same thing happens to rule out a profile issue?
SpencerKarnovskiAuthor Commented:
Hello there guys - thanks for the help indeed.

The version of IE is not pirated - got it from the MS website, but thanks for the tip.

Also, I have not tried signing on with another users profile on that machine, to see if it is a profile issue.  I know for a fact that a user sitting opposite does not have any trouble accessing the site.  The problem is I have to fix this error without disturbing the user - I have about 20 mins before she gets in, in the morning.  And because she gets booted from the site at random,  I could be there all day waiting for it to happen.

Thanks for the help.
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i dont think he meant the version of IE was pirated, i believe he meant a pirated copy of windows.

As far as the profile, you can rename the users profile to .old, which will cause the profile to be recreated on the machine the next time the user logs in. Doing this keeps the old profile available in case you need to copy files from it. If this doesnt work you can always rename the new profile to .older and remove the .old from the original profile.

have the user notify you when it happens.
SpencerKarnovskiAuthor Commented:
Hey guys - thank you very much for the tips.  I will try them, when I can.

However, to get the user up and running so-to-speak, I have installed the "IE" tab addon for Firefox.  So she can browse the site in Firefox, then right-click "Open page in IE tab" to print the labels.

This appears to be working fine, but is only a quick fix.  I will try resetting the profile as suggested, then report back.

Thank you very much indeed.
SpencerKarnovskiAuthor Commented:
Update:  I did not bother resetting the user profile.  Having the user browse the site in Firefox, then right-clicking and using "Open this page in IE Tab Extension" to print labels works just fine.  The user does not mind doing this each time she has to print.

Thank god for Firefox!

Question closed.

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