Experts Exchange - Stop Email whenever new post is added to post you have contibuted to

I like this place but the one thing that is really annoying is that you get sent an email whenever a new post is added to a thread you have posted to....

it is really infuriating as I dont wont all these emails...

if i can help I will help with one post..... if my post is not helpful I dont wont to keep receiving posts about other people's posts......arghhhhhh!!!!!!!....... if it is that intersting then I will go back of my own accord....
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MusicManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's quite simple - when you post a reply the page will reload - when it does just click on the stop monitoring icon - done.
Click on the "Stop Monitoring" icon and the notifs will stop.
Unless, of course, it is your own thread - then you can only stop notifs once you have closed the question.
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patricka_0377Author Commented:
on each question you participate in......?  if that is the case that is rediculous
patricka_0377Author Commented:
quite right..... would prefer an option in the profile section to allow this ...... this would mean less button clicking...... but if this is the work around for now
Do agree in part, in that on some questions I would like to be able to cancel notification of other than original Author comment. Particularly where I have asked for some additional information, or clarification.

Normally I would just delete e-mails from a question I was no longer interested in, but it is surprising what you can pickup from other users comments, if you take the time to read them.
Al JeeCommented:
" is surprising what you can pickup from other users comments, if you take the time to read them."

Exactly. Most experts fully participate in a thread and without reading the flow of comments you can't really be certain of what has transpired.
 A lot of times the asker needs to provide more information or just clarify the issue.
A single comment is not usually all that helpful helpful as you no doubt have  noticed.

It doesn't seem likely that EE is going to redesign the notif system at this point.
It's only a single click to unsubscribe from someone else's thread anyway.
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