Calculate the time different in milisecond or microsecond

I like to do the job above and i know time_t, unfortunately, in only result in second, and gettickcount() is for windows.
Anyone has the solution to do in Linux. Thanks in advance.
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So, something like the following to get similar behavior as GetTickCount on Windows :

unsigned int getTickCount() {
  return ((clock() * 1000) / CLOCKS_PER_SEC);

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>> gettickcount() is for windows.

You can use the standard clock() which will return the number of elapsed clock ticks :

Its granularity is generally a few milliseconds though. You can use the value CLOCKS_PER_SEC to know its granularity.
>>>> time_t, unfortunately, in only result in second

There is a timeb struct counting milliseconds. You may retrieve the current timeb calling ftime:

#include <sys/timeb.h>

   struct timeb tb = { 0 };

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If available, you should use clock_gettime()/clock_getres() instead of ftime().
vietpaAuthor Commented:
@Infinity08: it seems works, may be the time different is to small, how to increase to microsec ?
The problem is that the system clock does not have a sufficient resolution to arrive at microsecond precision.

However, you can take a look at usleep for example :

(notice the "at least" in the description, which is partly due to this same reason)
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