Convert date from mm/dd/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy in Visual


I receive the following error at run time:

"error converting datatype varchar to datetime"
I imagine it's because it is trying to insert 10/16/2008 into my SQL DB wich is set to UK language.

Dim MyConn As SqlConnection
        Dim MyCmd As SqlCommand
        Dim MyCmd1 As SqlCommand

        Dim currentdate As Date

        currentdate = Date.Now


        Dim connectionstring As String = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("conn").ConnectionString

        MyConn = New SqlConnection(connectionstring)

        LblMessage.Text = currentdate
        MyCmd = New SqlCommand("execute tblstock_duplicateserial @serialnumber ='" & RTBCode.Text & "', @qty ='" & RTBQty.Text & "', @category='" & RCBCategory.Text & "', @items='" & RCBItem.Text & "', @location='" & RCBLocation.Text & "', @orderno='" & RCBPO.Text & "', @description='" & RTBDescription.Text & "',@lastactivitydate='" & currentdate & "'", MyConn)

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Use parameters for stored procedure, your method is open to sql injection.
neoiceAuthor Commented:

After hours of research on this I have found the answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The SA account I used to send the data had the language set to english. Setting this to British resolved my problem!!!!!!!!!!

As I have solved my own problem, I am willing to give the points to anybody that can convert the above SQL to use parameters, proving I am allowed to do this?

Dont have an ide on me so this is from memory., i presume its a sproc

MyCmd  = new SqlCommand("tblstock_duplicateserial",MyConn)
MyCmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure

dim param  as SqlParameter = new SqlParameter()
param.ParameterName = "@serialnumber"
param.Value = RTBCode.Text

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neoiceAuthor Commented:
Good memory!
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