Exchange Transport Rules on Distribution list

I have a distribution list ( email address) with several users as members. I can send to this email externally and the users all get a copy of the email .... great.

However I want those emails to have a subject prefix of 'sales query'. Looking at the transport rules wizard, I can see the nearest option is 'when sent to members of a dist group'. This is not what I want as it will prefix the subject of ANY email sent to these people - I only want it to happen when the email was speifically address to

I'm guessing this can get done in powershell, but I don't have the time right now to research it nor do I see an obvious solution.

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During the new transport rule wizard, on the first Conditions screen, select 'when any of the recipients in the To field is people'....when you edit the rule and click on the people link, it will let you select a distribution list.

(can also add a condition for the Cc field as well if need be)
ma77smithAuthor Commented:
When I click on the people link, and click 'add' it only shows user mailboxes in my organisation - not the distribution lists.
Just to be sure, you're using the option that reads exactly "when any of the recipients in the To field is people".......not the line that reads "sent to people".....

It's screwy, but the latter only shows user mailboxes - whereas the "...recipients in the To field...." should show users & dist. lists

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ma77smithAuthor Commented:
that's great! sorry my bad - been a long day
no worries...glad to I said it's kind of screwy - you'd think "Sent to XXXX" could apply to distribution lists as well.
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