Printing Records Larger Than Page Setup Size

I have designed a Joke Database transformed from the Recipes Starter Solution in FileMaker Pro. I have a Form View, List View, Information Layout and Joke Card layout. The Joke Card layout is where I have set up the print because it is made up of the Text Field & ID number of the joke. The layout is setup so that the printable area is filled with the Joke (Test Field) and just the top line has the ID Number (Serial Number). I have formatted the Text in the layout for my boss who wants a larger font.

My dilemma is this, the jokes, or records are not all the same Text length. The requirement is to print them out on A6 Card Stock (Roughly 4x6)in landscape mode. The printer drivers are fine with the layout and paper size; however, some of the jokes take up to 6 pages when I export the text to an MS Word template setup to print these larger records. The way things now work is only the first page will print on any joke/record from FileMaker Pro.

Is there a way for FileMaker Pro to print the entire contents of text box onto multiple 4x6 cards without having to export the contents to a TXT file and print outside in MS Word or some other program?
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yes, you can.
make the layout high enough to include 6 pages high.
put the text field as a merge field instead of a regular field, that is <<textfield>>.
make it 6 pages high.
set this object to shrink:
design mode/select object <<textfield>>/format/set sliding-printing/sliding up based on/all above.
preview should show the form shrinked to the necessary size.
it also works with a regular field, but it may cut the last line half way down at the bottom of a page, so a merge field avoids this.

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Lesouf's suggestion is exactly what I was about to tell you to try, then I noticed he had already said it.

One other thing to remember, don't have other objects on the layout besides your text box, or you may end up printing blank pages unnecessarily.

psfolliesAuthor Commented:
This solution is a head turn in the right direction; however, all jokes will still spew out six pages with this setup--even with columns turned off!  I am seeking a solution that will print out the entire contents of the field whether it be a single line or 10 pages. The suggestion here is just for printing multiple pages on every record printed.

Also, I've added navigation buttons to this layout so that the users can print, return to List, return to Form or Find records.  Should I create a Header for the buttons? If so, is there a way to print only the Body without the Header?

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1st: if it is does not shrink, there must be an object in the way I would say, so make sure all objects beneath the top of the one to shrink are also set to slide up. the fucntion is a bit hairy, you need to practise a bit before you get what you need, I suggest you duplicate your existing layout and make some experiments with it. It certainly can shrink to the right amount of pages.
as for the header, it is better to put the buttons in the header if you are browsing in list mode, otherwise, does not matter.
no, you can't print only the body, but you can prevent objects from printing (same function as sliding-printing/sliding, at the bottom left: "don't print the selected objects"
to sum up, I think you've got an object beside (as mentionned by Bill) or below the text field which is not set to shrink, and they all must be, remember this rule, all objects under the top of the object to shrink.
Also be sure that you check the box labeled "also reduce the size of the enclosing part" in the sliding/printing dialog.

If it's set up correctly, this will give you a variable number of pages depending on the size of the text.
psfolliesAuthor Commented:
Works! Thank you both for your input.  

I Appreciate the help you've given me--you are making me look good at work.

psfolliesAuthor Commented:
thank you both so much.
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