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Recently our Exchange 2003 server crashed due to failed hardware.  I was able to bring the server back up, run eseutil to bring the IS back to a clean state and remount the database.  I later realized that in my desperation of bringing the IS back up I didn't perform an offline defrag or isinteg to clean up any inconsistencies of the IS database.

So far the IS has been running ok, with the exception of a few errors in the event logs such as "hard-deleting messages in folder".  I would like to migrate all of of the mailboxes to a new and better server using the "Move Mailbox" feature in ESM.  Before moving all of the mailboxes off, is it recommended that I take the IS offline and run an offline defrag and isinteg or am I ok with just moving them.  

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Just run the offline defrag. The offline defrag also does a crc check and will tell you if the database is in consistent state. If the offline defrag completes, then the database is good and there is no need for isinteg. Using offline defrag is the best bet becuase it doesnt write anything to the database unless it completes 100%. Once the offline defrag completes then you should be able to migrate without a problem.
Only resort to ISINTEG if offline defrag does not complete.
You can just move them to a different store... the move will compact the file and get rid of the fragmentations as it places it in the new store.

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truaccAuthor Commented:
So by moving the mailboxes to a new store I don't have a need to run the eseutil and isinteg tools since the new store should be clean and not fragmented?  
when it copies, during the writing, it puts in a continuous blocks, so it's not fragmented.
truaccAuthor Commented:
I actually moved about 30 mailboxes today and had an issue with one of the mailboxes, it came back with the attached error.

I'll move as many mailboxes as I can, then should I run an isinteg to clean up the corrupt items on the remaining mailboxes before they can be moved over to the new store?  
This mailbox exceeded the maximum number of corrupted items specified for this move mailbox operation. 

Open in new window

No problem
When you start the move, the task wizard opens up... the last screen after where you pick the store it's being moved to, it says:

if corrupted messages are found:

Right below that you have an option to "SKIP CORRUPTED ITEMS AND CREATE A FAILURE REPORT"
When you choose that the maximum number of corrupted items to skip, lights up... I think the default is 3... I have mine set at 10.  

You can increase that so it doesn't fail the move.

Other issues that may pop up may be a MAPI issue in the failure report.  If you get those, you'll have to set the exchange master SID for that user's account...  But don't worry about it too much... it usually pops up on disabled accounts.
truaccAuthor Commented:
Excellent, thanks for the quick response and your sound advice.  I'll post anything new if I come across any other issues, but you've answered all my questions to my satisfaction.  
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