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Hosting email


My company wants to host our own email, we want to do faild over, main server will be on one office, second server will be on different office. we have two options:
1. Linux: it is free but does not support enterprise server
2. So, I guess, ES is the only option. and this what we need:
a.failed over, do we need two copies of ES
b.enterprise server, do we need two copies of enterprise server?
c.archive everyday
d.two domains on the same server
are above doable?  I heard ES is not stable, is that true?
Also, I will need EEs to help me with the pricing, too many to chose from, very confusing
We need 50 users on each domain...please help...thx

If I dont use ES, any other options?  thx
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Well I would go the exchange server route. Hard to manage, and have to pay per user license. Pretty sure that if you want two, you will need twice the licenses. Go for a linux solution many of them are ready to go. Better yet get a hosting solution that has something like CPanel (which makes mail setup easy as pie) If you need full control of the server. Buy a dedicated one, but with Cpanel. then it is your own server, but it is in a dedicated hosting site. Exchange is also a big burden to run and maintain, I would say more than linux and sendmail. If you don't have a Exchange person that knows the ins an outs of it, it will actually be harder to setup than a linux solution. Plus two licenses for WIndows Server, Plus two licenses for exchange plus 50 CAL (client access licenses) that will run up like 10000dls in licenses, versus 0 for linux. I money was no object I still like the stability of the open source solution better.

The only nice thing about exchange is that it integrates with outlook so much better than anything else. People like outlook a lot. I personally like Thunderbird better. Since I have been burned too many times with the Exchange Outlook combination.
mcrmgAuthor Commented:
how about blackberry enterprise server? only run on ES,right?
Blackberry Enterprise server only runs on Exchange, or Lotus, or Novel.


But this is only needed if you are going to fully control the Blackberies. It is not needed normally if you do want it that will be like 5000 extra. Most cell providers give you Blackberry access to normal mail accounts and that includes linux mail. I have a client that runs it that way no problems what so ever.

The Blackberry Enterpise Server is needed only when you need full control of your mail (which tecnically is a bust since once your email leaves your email server it goes all through the internet unprotected. (unless both of you have configured SSL certificates which by my estimate is less than 10% of all email servers in the world. The BES is also only needed when you need remote shutdown or erase of a stolen blackberry, or you deploy ton of apps. For me it is too much to justify for its price tag.

Then again, it all depends on your needs.
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mcrmgAuthor Commented:
ok, let's  say I dont need BES, there are so many Linux products out there, and I thought there were free, but they are not..

any suggestions on which linux mail server is good?  thx
mcrmgAuthor Commented:
also, can EEs give me some advantage/disadvantage for both ES and Linux mail server?  thx
Depends, if you are going to do a external hosted solution, you will probably need to use the linux that is available in the hosting provider. Pros: They basically do the setup an all is done for you to manage via a web control panel. This is what I would do and I guess this would be the way to go. Solutions are available from liek 25dls a month to like 100 dls depending on your options. Cons: The machine is usually shared with many users.

But some companies like to have their server in house, and this is an expensive proposition, because for this you will need to have a dedicated line, a dedicated server, in house expertise to configure and manage the mailserver. After all that expense, you will probably has a less reliable service than having a hosted solution. (this is becuase your dedicate line is less reliable than a multi-tier connection that hosting services have and also accounting for human error. This is only cost effective if you already have the dedicated line for some other use, and have the in house expertise.

A middle of the ground solution is to have a hosted server, but to control the whole server. That way you maintain complete control of the machine, but the server is in a reliable datacenter. This is like 200-400dls a month depending on what type of server you use and options.

Most linux servers are the same, and the have the same options of mail server, like sendmail, exim, dovecot, etc. If you don't want to get really into the details, SUSE has several ready made solutions that have a nice all in one package, they do however cost a fee. Most hosters will provider you with a preinstalled solution, and a manager like cpanel, plesk, or webmin. This are web interfaces that make it easier to configure.

I for my part strictly use freeBSD servers, (which is an older mor mature unix than linux) I like becuase I fell it is more stable. It is harder to configure, and the hardware options are less. But when it is running correctly it is more stable than any linux. (IMHO)
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