How do you set up a regular expression to map sitemap.xml to sitemap.aspx

I was wondering how you would set up a regular expression to map sitemap.xml to sitemap.aspx.
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aognenoffConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this as your rule:

Not quite sure if that will work but it's worth a shot.
Need some clarification on what you're asking...

What is your end result? Are you trying to take any request for sitemap.xml and make it load sitemap.aspx?  What are you trying to map this in? Some ISAPI extension for IIS?  Where are you thinking regular expressions play in this scenario?
JDEE8297Author Commented:
sorry should have given more information, i am using urlrewriter component to rewrite urls, so if someone types in sitemap.xml on our site (which is iis based) I want them to be redirected to sitemap.aspx.
JDEE8297Author Commented:
thank you.
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