Backslash in javascript regexp

I need the following js regexp to also match back slashes \
var matchString = new RegExp("[a-zA-Z0-9&-/]");

What should I add?
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Pieter MaraisConnect With a Mentor Lead DeveloperCommented:
Hi there,

All you hopefully need to to is add an escaped backslash:

var matchString = new RegExp("[a-zA-Z0-9&-/\\]");

Hope it helps ;)
This is for Python...

\section       Text string to be matched

\\section       Escaped backslash for re.compile

"\\\\section"       Escaped backslashes for a string literal

The regular expression \\ matches a single backslash. In JavaScript, this becomes re = /\\/ or re = new RegExp("\\\\").
Did that help?  Where you able to create the backslash.
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