SQL Injection with Random conent -how to clean?

Posted on 2008-10-17
Last Modified: 2012-05-05
Hi there - we have recently had what seems to be an SQL injection attack - but this time the code inserted into DB fields appears to be random links to other sites. When I say random, I mean that each row within the table has had different content appended to the original content. I've attached an example of what has been appended below. The main part of it is within <SPAN STYLE='display:none'> </SPAN>  followed by a comment within  <!--   -->.   The format of the injection appears consistent throughout although the content differs between the start/end tags inserted. I hope this makes sense! I have a cleaner script for previous attacks - but the difference here is that content to be removed varies throughout each row. Is there a way to UPDATE by removing from <SPAN STYLE='display:none'>  UNTIL   -->

I hope this makes sense. And thanks in advance.


<SPAN STYLE='display:none'>
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Accepted Solution

momi_sabag earned 500 total points
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sure you can !

update my_table
set my_column =
  substring(my_column,1, charindex('<SPAN STYLE=''display:none''>', my_column) +   -- this will get all your data up to the injected data
  substring(my_column, charindex('-->', my_column,  charindex('<SPAN STYLE=''display:none''>', my_column)), len(my_column)) -- this will get the rest of the data
where charindex('<SPAN STYLE=''display:none''>', my_column) > 0

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