Why would asp.net web application run sluggish the first time to the site?

Why would asp.net web application run sluggish the first time to the site?

Then if i log out and log back in...it is blazing fast.  Kind weird IMHO.

I cant tell what it is loading or doing. My web application is quite simple not really sure what is going on.

Any ideas? or settings to look into?

Thanks in advance.

~~~additional info~~~
Windows 2003 Server Xeon 2.8ghz
2GB Ram
75GB HDD @ 10K RPM
Using IIS
I have a T1 line.
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Well, the first time u run, your asp.net application is compiled to dll(s). So, it takes time.

There are no compilations next time unless u change something.
16spam16Author Commented:
I knew that when you are developing it builds stuff to the bin folder, but does that apply when the site is on the production(live) server?
16spam16Author Commented:
FWD- DanielWilson:
OK, it seems that the SQL Server Express is going to sleep.
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    * http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=309672&SiteID=1 -- but you're not using a "user instance", so it doesn't really apply
    * http://www.eggheadcafe.com/software/aspnet/31742298/sql-server-express-going.aspx -- Please check the value of the AUTO CLOSE settings and turn it off.

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