Putting database from normal to standby

This is Primary - standby configuration

when the database was in standby in Management Studio DBNAME(standby)

performed recover database <database name > with recovery

Now is it possible put it back on standby. If so can anyone give a T-SQL

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PIERCGGConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The ONLY way I know to place the database in standby mode to do it as part of the restore.  You must do the RESTORE WITH STANDBY option when you restore the database; not after the database is already restored.
Greens8301Author Commented:
The primary is being accessed by users. Therefore it not switched over

In oracle , we can put the STANDBY database on Managed Recovery mode and take it off from Managed recovery mode.

Is there a way to find what mode is the database ON and switch to standby mode

Greens8301Author Commented:
These questions for my own theoretical knowledge.
The actual command are typed another dba
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