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Hi All;

I have a working install of Sharepoint MOSS 2007. On it I had one site running. It was fine up until yesterday, now internally it is fina and I can access but externally I cannot. I did some testing and it seems that IIS is the culprit. If I try to access from outside this network It sends me to a google search page. The sitte in question is assigned to port 5850 in ISS.  In sharepoint, when I go to central administration > Operations > Alternative Access Mappings I see three mappings for the site.(I did not do the original setup so i'm not sure what I'm supposed to be seeing).

They are:
2 default zones one with the internal name of the site e.g http://mentrom/

the next entry is http://mentrom:5850 and that is pointing to the intranet

Then the last entry is for internet and is - That is the url name that external users are supposed to access the site through.

I tried pinging to the external name, and that works i did a tracert to the address and it made it to my ISP.

Is there anything that i am missing here? I am a newbie when it comes to IIS so I have no idea how to set up new tables in IIS if I had to, unless I had a script to follow

Thanks for any insight

Regards All
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Can you telnet to that port from an external source?

When you do you should connect and see a blank screen.  If it errors out connecting you probably have a Firewall issue.
Are you sure the ports are forwarded to the right IP? sounds like the servers IP has changed or the IIS configuration on what IP's to listen on...
What you could also check in IIS:

when you see the list of websites running on your server, click with the rightmouse button on the one that's not working and select properties.

After that you should see a button called "Bindings"...

If that sais "" it only loads when someone browses to that specific address.
so edit it, clear it and it should work again from the outside world

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larry_pexterAuthor Commented:
XeroX1988 I don't see a "bindings" button when I browse the properties.....
ah right, my fault, working with IIS 7.0 here, bit different.

On that properties screen you see a button with "Advanced" on it, next to a label called " IP address.
After that you'll get to see the headers (binds in IIS 7.0) the website had.

You can select one and then hit the edit button to edit it :)
larry_pexterAuthor Commented:
Denver rick, I could not telnet to the port either.....
larry_pexterAuthor Commented: that field all it has is "default" and the 5850 port number....
Could you check the port forwarding in your router/firewall and check the IP your server uses?

I think the problem lays with the forwarding towards your server internally, say the port might be open but it's pointed to the wrong IP adres. This could happen if your server hasn't got a static IP address
larry_pexterAuthor Commented:
I had the router guy check and he said everything is as it should be. Nothing in the logs etc.

Now one other thing that i've noticed is that when I attempt to access the site internally by typing in the address field in the browser it swithes the address to http://mentrom/default.aspx which is the default address of the server I think. It wasn't doing this before. Anything that I can possibly check to correct that?
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