delete multiple directories from command line


I am trying to delete a bunch of directories from the command line in Windows.  I am getting  syntax not correct error.  Al of the folders I want to delete begin with IMG.

The command I am running is RD img* /s /q.

If I put in the full folder name, it works, but I need to run this from a batch file and the folder names are always different at the end.
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wild cards are not permited with this command, you will need a different utility

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caw01Author Commented:
Is that a VB script?  How do I run that?
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The short version is you already have it installed, just copy the script on notepad, and give it a .vbs extention. that is it. run it.
It's actually a simple one-liner in the command prompt:
for /d %a in (img*) do @echo rd /s /q "%a"

"for /d" will create a loop and process every *d*irectory in the current folder beginning with "img"; the currently processed folder will be in the variable %a (enter "help for" for details).
The command above will not do anything except echo out the rd "commands" it would otherwise run, so that you can test it.
To run it for real, just remove the @echo (the "@" in front of a command will just suppress echoing the command itself):
for /d %a in (img*) do rd /s /q "%a"
That solution is also in the Link I posted.
caw01Author Commented:
I used the the vb script, but the other command woul dprobably have worked too...
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