CpSvc.exe hanging...kind of

We have a farm of four Citrix servers set up exactly the same running PS 4.0 Hot Fix Rollup 5 on Windows 2003 SP2.  They have been running fine for the last few months (since the upgrade to 2003) but out of the blue one of them is having printer issues.  We use the Citrix Policies to connect printers and set defaults.  

It started by users reporting no printers were available.  Restarting the print spooler gets stuck on trying to stop the Citrix Print Manager Service.  So, I kill the CpSvc.exe process and both the services restart.  The next person to login after the services restart gets their printers just like they should.  Any subsequent logins do not get the printers connected.  I went through all of the drivers and removed a couple that were only on that server (as compared to the other Citrix servers) but that hasn't helped.  Also, the first login after the services restart is quick like normal.  However, subsequent logins will vary from the normal time to up to a minute sticking on either Mapping Client Drives or Applying User Policies.  

Most of the searches I've done refer to Citrix hot fixes that should already be included in Roll Up 5.  Also, I do have the Citrix Print Service set to log on using Local System account and the CtxSma user is in the local Admins group.  

As another test, I went into the servers usrlogon.cmd and used con2prt.exe to connect some printers and it works everytime.  This, I guess, just verifies that the issue is with CpSvc.exe and not the MS print spooler.  

I'm sure I missed some piece of information so please ask questions if you need any clarification.

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plsitAuthor Commented:
I found the problem.  I had installed the Windows Fax component (through an RDP session) on the server to get the Fax Driver installed and replicated through Citrix.  Well, I don't know if I completely missed it or what but today when I got on the console of the server it was asking for the Win2003 SP2 disk to install some more fax components.  After I completed all of that, it has been working like normal.

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