Operator '!' cannot be applied to operand of type

Posted on 2008-10-17
Last Modified: 2012-05-05
Experts I cannot figure out the error below please help

enum AttachedEventsEnum : byte
        None = 0,
        Clicked = 1,

public static void SetDetachedEvent(object ctrl, AttachedEventsEnum eventType)
    ControlProperties extProp = GetExtProperties(ctrl);
    if (extProp != null)
        extProp._attachedEvents = (extProp._attachedEvents && (! eventType));  // cs0023 error here
Question by:wenyonk
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Expert Comment

ID: 22746872
Hi wenyonk,

The ! operator can only be used on booleans (bool) in C#.
Rather than checking for !eventType, you'll want to check for eventType == 0.
extProp._attachedEvents = (extProp._attachedEvents && (eventType == 0)); 

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Expert Comment

ID: 22746882
Or check for eventType == AttachedEventsEnum.None, rather.  In my first example you'd have to cast eventType to a byte or 0 to an AttachedEventsEnum.

._attachedEvents = (extProp._attachedEvents && (eventType == AttachedEventsEnum.None));

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Author Comment

ID: 22747747
Thank you for your quick response

would it be  
._attachedEvents = (extProp._attachedEvents && (eventType != AttachedEventsEnum.None));

instead of                    
._attachedEvents = (extProp._attachedEvents && (eventType == AttachedEventsEnum.None));

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Expert Comment

ID: 22748076
Depends on what you're trying to achieve.  eventType == AttachedEventsEnum.None is the same as what you were trying to achieve in your original code.

(extProp._attachedEvents && (! eventType)
would be true when extProp._attachedEvents is true and eventType is zero if ! worked in C# like it does in C.

(extProp._attachedEvents && (eventType == AttachedEventsEnum.None)
will be true when extProp._attachedEvents is true and eventType is zero.

(extProp._attachedEvents && (eventType != AttachedEventsEnum.None)
will be true when extProp._attachedEvents is true and eventType is nonzero.

Author Comment

ID: 22750083
PLEASE HELP...After making the above change I now get the following error:
Operator '&&' cannot be applied to operands of type AttachedEventsEnum' and 'bool'

Please note the following properties and there types
  _attachedEvents  is of type: AttachedEventsEnum
   eventType  is of type AttachedEventsEnum

below is the original vb code
Public Shared Sub SetDetachedEvent(ByVal ctl As Object, ByVal eventType As AttachedEventsEnum)
        Dim ctlProp As ControlProperties = GetProperties(ctl)
        If ctlProp IsNot Nothing Then
            ctlProp._attachedEvents = (ctlProp._attachedEvents And (Not eventType))
        End If
End Sub


Expert Comment

ID: 22750445
I assumed extProp._attachedEvents was a boolean because of the way you are using it.  What are you trying to accomplish with the
ctlProp._attachedEvents = (ctlProp._attachedEvents And (Not eventType))
line of code?  Are you trying to do bitwise masking of the AttachedEventsEnum?

Author Comment

ID: 22750716
Maybe if you see what is happening with the SetAttachEvent Method (in VB)

Public Shared Sub SetAttachedEvent(ByVal ctl As Object, ByVal newEvent As AttachedEvents)
        Dim ctlProp As ControlProperties = GetProperties(ctl)
        If ctlProp Is Nothing Then
            ctlProp = New ControlProperties
            SetProperties(ctl, ctlProp)
        End If
        ctlProp._attachedEvents = ctlProp._attachedEvents Or newEvent  // *** Here
    End Sub

Expert Comment

ID: 22752670
It's still not clear to me what you're expecting
ctlProp._attachedEvents = ctlProp._attachedEvents Or newEvent
to do.
Can you show me all of the values in AttachedEventsEnum?  Are they 0, 1, 2, 4 and you're using them as bit flags in ctlProp._attachedEvents?

Author Comment

ID: 22754421
None = 0
    EnterLeave = 1
    Validated = 2
    ControlClicked = 4
    AfterEnterEditMode = 8
    ItemNotInList = 16
    Print = 32
    AfterSelectChange = 64
    Dispose = 128

Accepted Solution

MasterPage earned 500 total points
ID: 22761189
To attach an event:
ctlProp._attachedEvents = ctlProp._attachedEvents Or newEvent (VB)
ctlProp._attachedEvents = ctlProp._attachedEvents | newEvent (C#)

To detach an event:
ctlProp._attachedEvents = ctlProp._attachedEvents And Not eventType (VB)
ctlProp._attachedEvents = ctlProp._attachedEvents & ~eventType (C#)

(the ~ is a tilde... it's hard to see in this font)
Your original problem in C# was you were trying to use logical operators rather than bitwise operators.
&& is the logical "and."  & is the bitwise "and."
|| is the logical "or."  | is the bitwise "or."
! is the logical "not."  ~ is the bitwise "not."

Visual Basic doesn't make a distinction between logical and bitwise operators.  It is determined by the context of the code.


Author Closing Comment

ID: 31507368
Thank you Sorry for the Delay

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