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Bandwidth Checking

I have a network of 18 users , I have a E 1 line dropped which feeds  Internet bandwidth if 512 Dedicated bandwidth. I just terminate my Router to my Switch and rest of all users use internet . No domain , no workgroup . after one month of running like this , last two days my whole internet got very slow , and I called ISP , they told your bandwidth is chocked . on the other way around i just could not see which computer is uploading or downloading that much .

My queston is how i can see , which computer is downloading ,  which bandwidth monitor is there , again it is hard to figure out which user is this , but i think i will use some social Eng to find out the user , moreover it could be a worm or some Virus which is utilizing the Link at its full .

3 Solutions
Hi annasad,

Try network monitor tools such as..
http://www.ilient.com (free and powerful)

they are great, u can see live demo
Credit goes fo uetian1707 for this list.

I'll re-post for convenience:


HP-OpenView                          www.hp.com            Propriety
IBM Tivoli                  www.ibm.com            Propriety
SolarWinds Orion            www.solarwinds.com            Propriety
Smarts                  www.smarts.com            Propriety
Microsoft Operation Manager      www.microsoft.com            Propriety
Adventnet OP Manager            www.adventnet.com            Propriety
WhatsupGold            www.whatsupgold.com            Propriety
EM7                  www.sciencelogic.com            Propriety
Nexus NMS                  www.nexusmgmt.com            Propriety
InfoVista                  www.infovista.com            Propriety
CA                  www.ca.com            Propriety
StableNet Suite            www.infosim.net            Propriety
Perspective                  www.packettrap.com            Propriety
NetXplorer                  www.allot.com            Propriety
Nimsoft                  www.nimsoft.com            Propriety
APG Suite                  www.watch4net.com            Propriety
IT Monitor Enterprise            www.osisoft.com            Propriety
NPM Analyst                  www.prolan.ru            Propriety
nGenius                  www.netscout.com            Propriety
ResponseWatch            www.flukenetworks.com            Propriety
N-Able                  www.n-able.com            Propriety
Automated Infrastructure Technology    www.handsfreenetworks.com             Propriety
Kaseya                  www.kaseya.com            Propriety
Level Platform            www.levelplatforms.com            Propriety
Dell Remote Monitoring            www.silverbacktech.com            Propriety
zenithinfotec                  www.zenithinfotech.com            Propriety
SNMPc                  www.castlerock.com            Propriety
InterMapper                  www.dartware.com            Propriety
Procurve Manager Plus            www.hp.com            Propriety
CiscoWorks                  www.cisco.com            Propriety
IronVie                  www.foundrynetworks.com      Propriety
Observer                  www.netinst.com            Propriety
AutoNOC                  www.autonoc.com            Propriety
NetMRI                  www.netcordia.com            Propriety
Netvoyant                  www.netqos.com            Propriety
ServerAlive                  www.woodstone.nu            Propriety
NetXMS                  www.netxms.org            Propriety
AirMagnet                  www.airmagnet.com            Propriety
MonitorMagic                  www.tools4ever.com            Propriety
CommView                  www.tamos.com            Propriety
Itracs                  www.itracs.com            Propriety
Watch4Net                  www.watch4net.com            Propriety
Hound-Dog                  www.hounddogiseasy.com      Propriety
BigBrother                  www.bb4.com            For *NIX
loriotpro SNMP Manager            www.loriotpro.com            Propriety

Flow Analyzers

SolarWinds NetFlow Analyzer      www.solarwinds.com            NetFlow/SFlow
Scrutinizer NetFlow/Sflow Analyzer      www.plixer.com            NetFlow/SFlow
Caligare Flow Inspector            www.caligare.com            NetFlow/SFlow
StealthWatch® Xe            www.lancope.com            SFlow
Adventnet Netflow Analyzer      www.adventnet.com            NetFlow
PRTG                  www.paessler.com/prtg            NetFlow/RRDTool
Traffic Sentinel            www.inmon.com            SFlow
Splunk                  www.splunk.com            Propriety


Ntop                  www.ntop.org            LAMP based NMS
Bandwidthd                  bandwidthd.sourceforge.net      LAMP based NMS
ODCNMS                  www.odcnms.org            LAMP based NMS
ZenOSS                  www.zenoss.com            LAMP based NMS
Nagios                  www.nagios.org            LAMP based NMS
JFFNMS                  www.jffnms.org            LAMP based NMS
OpenNMS                  www.opennms.org            LAMP based NMS
Zabbix                  www.zabbix.com            LAMP based NMS
Hyperic HQ                  www.hyperic.com            LAMP based NMS
Etherape                  etherape.sourceforge.net                           LAMP based NMS
GroundWork                  www.groundworkopensource.com      LAMP based NMS
NAVmeta                  nav.uninett.no            LAMP based NMS
Netdisco                  netdisco.org                  LAMP based NMS
BigSister                  www.bigsister.ch            For *NIX
MRTG                  oss.oetiker.ch/mrtg            RRDTool
Cacti                  www.cacti.net            RRDTool

annasadAuthor Commented:
i would have loved you guys if you have been little more specific to my query , howver I appreciate the effort put by your guys , but still looking for the same Envirnment .
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The network monitoring software listed above will give you the source and destination IP address of the traffic. Many of them list "the top ten" bandwidth users.
annasadAuthor Commented:
okey , they are regardless of the domain and workgroup and takes source and destination ip address , in my case destination is the same for each one but source is different , all you have listed are propriatery one .  which one is best in your openion .

annasadAuthor Commented:
Still no Reply ....
Sorry for the delay...
I use SolarWinds and it works flawlessly.
If your budget is tight, NTOP and Nagios are very popular; my preference is NTOP.
Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:

Simply deploy Cacti and it will show you all that you want;

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