NDIS.SYS error when installing OS on VMWare Server 2.0

I am currently using VMWare Server 2.0
When tryning to install the OS (from a working ISO) the OS setup does not run but instead I get a NDIS.sys error - I have attached a screen shot for reference.

I am tring to install Serer 2008 x86

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This happens when your install media is probably damaged. Try cleaning it up, or look for smudges.
grahamsmythAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply - however I am using ISO images and have tried 3 different images - I have used them before so know the images are ok.
Then check if you have a cable connected to the ethernet card (I am supposing you have a bridge network)

On bridge mode, vm machines act up if they are not connected to a net. Yeap I know even if they are virtual, when you use bridge mode this is what has happen to me.
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grahamsmythAuthor Commented:
I don't have a NIC added to the virtual machine.
Maybe you need to add one, I wouldn't know why it is crashing on a network driver if you don't have one. But I guess windows server 2008 assumes a server machine must have a network card.

Still it wouldn't hurt to try, since I am all out of Ideas

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I've also see this happen when having a faulty DIMM module in the physical machine.
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